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02 – 2018 – Global Goodwill Ambassadors founded by Richard DiPilla – Newsletter

02 - 2018 - Global Goodwill Ambassadors founded by Richard DiPilla - Newsletter

02 - 2018 - Global Goodwill Ambassadors founded by Richard DiPilla - Newsletter

Global Goodwill Ambassadors – Founder’s Letter – Richard DiPilla

The Beginning of Global Goodwill Ambassadors

From its humble beginnings, four years ago, I sought to highlight the Goodwill work of a single LinkedIn Connection. The birth and growth of the Global Goodwill Ambassadors were born. Almost immediately, other connections were telling me their stories and the humanitarian work they did for the love of goodwill for all. We witnessed a chain of narrative voices.

I could hardly comprehend, that there was and still is a thirst for learning about global humanitarian efforts. A residual affect was an understanding that the mainstream news defined, countries, nations, regions, races, genders, and castes, of geo-political reporting. However, there was much more time with the coverage of a terrorist attacks, but no coverage of all the heroes in these countries, who were saving lives and doing selfless work to make the world a better places.

Global Goodwill Ambassadors Mission

Four years later the Global Goodwill Ambassadors has nearly 2000 designees and a structured board in many countries. Our simple mission has remained as pure. And that was on the first day! We recognize individuals who are engaged in humanitarian work without bias or commercialization.

The later is what keeps us pure as possible. No, we have no website. Websites can put many people in difficult regions at security risk.

We have a LINKEDIN company page and group page that can be found at: Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA). We also have a presence on many other social media; but our catalyst is the LinkedIn profile, the volunteer and humanitarian work individuals have listed.

By using the company page you can list your designation with our official logo. We have nomination guidelines with a committee, and a GGA Executive Board.

Global Goodwill Ambassadors Executive Board

Ted Batchelor

Ted Batchelor serves as our General Council and has a duel role as Chairman of Canada.

Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones serves many key roles, International Development, Training, oversight of our Screening Committees, Executive of Profile Production, Executive Steering Committee.

Hans-Jürgen John is our Director of Digital Communications and the Publisher of our GGA Newsletter.

Anthony James is our World Communications Director.

Ameena Ali

Dr. Ameena Ali is our Director of Diversity.

Our Executive Advisors are often names you will recognize as nominators of Ambassadors. We have Country Chairpersons and Directors, Nomination and Engagement Directors, and GGA Brand Ambassadors.

Each person does his/her part to grow our ambassador numbers. With each new designation we are extending the reach of goodwill.

In a recent article that I would like to tell my grandchildren, that rather than sit idly by, I did something to bring a sense of peace and harmony to the world. The truth is, every Global Goodwill Ambassador, can say the same thing.

The sum total of expense and profit in currency for this initiative is ZERO. Our only currency is Goodwill. I challenge all people who read this newsletter to do good deeds and give back to the world. We all share the same world. Don’t just take, give back to make it a better place. As a GGA you will join together with people who are doing the same.

Richard DiPilla

Founder Global Goodwill Ambassadors

Berkshire Hathaway BHMG INC.

Corporate Markets Development

Alexandra Kutas – Ukraine – is world’s first runway model in a wheelchair

Alexandra Kutas - Ukraine - is world's first runway model in a wheelchair

Thanks to Global Board and Contributors to this Newsletter

Some Global Goodwill Ambassadors contributed to this newsletter. Who are they? Here the links to their profile on LinkedIn – they work if the profile is public. It is unbelievable what these people have achieved and what they will do in the future.

Richard DiPilla / Virginia / USA is a wonderful person. A role model. He believes in goodness in man. He believes in people who do the right thing. People who help others. Richard DiPilla’s initiative focuses the spotlights on these people.

I am happy and grateful to be able to support Global Goodwill Ambassadors. Wonderful people are on the Global Board: Ted Batchelor, Lisa Jones, Anthony James, Dr. Ameena Ali. They invest a great deal of work and dedication. They value and respect every single Global Goodwill Ambassador. Wonderful people, wonderful aims!

Virginie Guignard Legros Geneve / Switzerland is an architect, communications director of – and head of the LAB MOOC GDP – which trains project management. She founded the Cocööön Organization to help create the societies and organizations of tomorrow supported by all innovative technologies.

Jon Klein is a mentor / role model / speaker on substance abuse. He brings attention and help where silence prevails.

Dr. Ameena Ali

I’ve come to know many people throughout the world who do great works. Of all those people, Ameena stands out as a person who epitomizes the word humanitarian. When you combine a brilliant mind and a true kind-hearted spirit, you can at least start to get a sense of who Dr. Ameena Ali really is. – Richard DiPilla

Roland Wiederkehr is unique. He recognizes early on social developments that need to be fought or supported. And establishes organizations that have been pushing this – for decades. Roland Wiederkehr is a wonderful person and a role model. Some of us see movies to watch heroes. This one is real.

Combat-tested and highly decorated in the military – Shaurya Chakra – and always in search of new challenges and helping others – Alwar Gaurav Award – in civilian life. The example of Maj Rakesh Sharma / Delhi / India shows that everyone can do humanitarian work and be proud of it. Anyone can! No matter where on earth! No matter how extensive! Let the sun rise in charity for our fellow men. Great work Maj Rakesh Sharma!

Money is not decisive. Anyone can do good. Dipti Dhakul / India works as a mentor at a school in her spare time. She teaches women to make art and crafts – so that they have an income. She reads books to children and elderly people. Thank you so much Dipti Dhakul for contributing!

Razi Hashmi Syed is one of the angels who see the good in their fellow human beings and nominate them as Global Goodwill Ambassadors. As a humanitarian volunteer he supports educational campaigns of Alif Ailaan and is a Trustee of Syed Foundation / charity / givings / Zakat distribution. Follow him on LinkedIn please!

Humor always helps. Adam Kennedy – Brisbane – Chair Global Goodwill Ambassadors Australia has made us laugh in chat. This is important. We often hear sad stories from all over the world.
His wonderful work as a fundraiser for RizeUp Australia and Youngcare culminated in his dedication to Trust, which brings all kinds of support to families, children and people from his local community.

Hans-Jürgen John: What am I supposed to write about myself? Self-praise doesn’t go down well. I am honest. I regret that I still haven’t translated Roland Wiederkehr’s website into English. Also the article for the English Wikipedia about him is not finished.

Rosanna Bonci – Chair GGAs Italy works for Donatore – a non-profit organization founded in 2000 on the initiative of President Patrizio Paoletti. “Donatore will improve the lives of millions of children worldwide through education.” She mentions her unselfish work in her LinkedIn profile – …”has awaken in me the attention to other’s needs”. Her children story here is a read!

Dario Ruggiero is the Author of the web-site In interviews and interesting articles he shows how successful business management and a world worth living in is possible for future generations! Please support and share his articles!

Safiya Al Bahlani – Teaching Art for Children with Disabilities

Safiya Al Bahlani - Sultanate of Oman - Global Goodwill Ambassadors

Perseverance, Love and Philanthropy by Virginie Guignard Legros

A person’s worth is measured not by the quantity of his or her actions, but by the degree of love and perseverance that he or she puts into carrying them out – Cécile Fortier Keays

What distinguishes an ambassador of goodwill from another person? Is it his personal story? Is it his education? Is it his personality? Actually and maybe a little bit of everything. We and our behavior are the results of our past, experience and education.

In the end, what distinguishes a humanitarian from others is the sum of his acts. These can be small, large, light as butterflies and with implications that have far-reaching consequences. It doesn’t matter!

The essential thing is to do something for others – in the broadest sense of the word.

Because we live in a cohesive and interactive world. Everything we do for people, animals, nature, culture and art is precious.

Goodwill is a gift. It also means knowing how to appreciate gifts of others. It’s like a relationship. There is a transmitter – ambassador, a receiver – needy – and the gift that unites them both, the act of unselfish giving.

These 3 parts have to be considered as a treasure – and cared for with benevolence. What happens if an ambassador gives, gives and gives without any counter-giving? Perhaps it will exhaust his ability to give.

If the recipient receives uninterruptedly without asking for it and without understanding what is being given to him – he could, in the long run, see the gift as normal. Or maybe even as an aggression?

What is the reason behind giving? Is it important to know? One intention is either love or the inner need to solve the problem of the other. This is unconditional love.

Another intention tries to mirror the other. Helping others can be a powerful tool to help oneself. Perhaps we feel guilty because we could not help a person close to us in the past?

We love to experience gratitude. To see how someone is happy because we helped this person. This is indescribably beautiful. It doesn’t even have to be a spoken “thank you”. A smile can reward us a thousand times over.

These are different states of mind to reach the state of philanthropy. It doesn’t matter why or how. The essential thing is to help others. To help individuals, a community, to help animals and to support ecosystems to develop!

Virginie Guignard Legros

Virginie Guignard Legros
Global Goodwill Ambassador Switzerland

Virginie Guignard Legros is a pioneer, innovative concept designer and solution designer. She is an architect, communications director of the FFV – – and head of the LAB MOOC GDP, which trains project management and its direct application in the project incubator. She founded the Cocööön Organization to help the emergence of new ways to create the societies and organizations of tomorrow in benevolence and co-creation with all innovative technologies.

Credibility is your number 1 asset in business and life – by Jon Klein

Credibility and Trust are earned through your actions but can easily be lost through your reactions – Jon Klein

The GGA Youtube Channel of Dr. Ameena Ali

Dr. Ameena Ali introduces herself on her Youtube channel.

In her videos she talks about Cross Cultural Diversity and Inclusion – how important it is to say “Thank you” with gratitude, about “Responding and Replying – The intentional tact of our efforts” … see some videos and more on her Channel:

Being different is the best diversity
Thank you
Do you learn or teach during business dealings?

Please like and share!

Ameena Ali

Dr. Ameena Ali is our Director of Diversity.

Road accidents eat up development aid – Roland Wiederkehr

500 children die every day on their way to school. 1.3 million people die each year as a result of road traffic collisions. Between 15 and 20 more million people suffer road traffic injuries.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has declared this number of fatalities an epidemic. It estimates that if we do not stop this epidemic, it will result in 2 million deaths and 30 million injured between 2020 and 2030.

In addition, victims are hardly ever insured. Aside from the immeasurable suffering, follow-up costs of traffic accidents add up to 1 to 3 % of the gross domestic product of these countries. That’s twice the total of development aid that these countries receive!

Most leaders and citizens around the world are unaware of it: a Tsunami (3500 death toll) or the 9/11 attacks (3000 death toll) are extensively covered by the media and remain in people’s minds for months. On the other hand, the scale of these world deaths due to traffic accidents is hardly covered by the media and therefore not present in our minds. and many other organizations want to change this now. I helped to make road safety to a development aim in the agenda 2030 of UNO. Now I help to reach this aim: Please support.

Roland Wiederkehr

Roland Wiederkehr – Global Goodwill Ambassador Switzerland – 20 years Director of WWF, Co-Founder VCS, Road Cross, Green Cross, exCHANGE FOR PEACE, CareCross

Roland Wiederkehr Global Goodwill Ambassador

Shaurya School – by Maj Rakesh Sharma – Global Goodwill Ambassador

Shaurya School – Built on Foundations of Courage and Honesty – by Maj Rakesh Sharma

The world has more than its fair share of grief and agony. Small efforts by us can change a lot.

If a lot of small people in a lot of small places do a lot of small things, they can change the face of the world — Old African saying.

First thing that came to my mind when I started thinking about building Shaurya School was that today’s children, who will take over from us tomorrow, need to be educated, even the ones whose family could not afford good education. That thought made me realize that I have to do something to educate underprivileged children.

This thought drove me to keep trying till I found a small plot of land in Najafgarh, which is a New Delhi suburb, Indian Capital.

Once I knew I could use that plot, it was a big encouragement for me and I put in my efforts and almost all of my life’s savings to acquire that piece of land and an 8-room structure that was furnished with everything a school needs. This small building is where Shaurya School is located at present.

Acquiring the building was relatively easier than convincing the local underprivileged families to send their kids for studying. In its first year, I had just 10 students studying in Shaurya and had to literally knock on doors and convince people to raise the strength to the present number of 55 students.

During this time, I had to frequently borrow money from friends and relatives also.

There were many times when the school was on the verge of closure but those children’s expectations kept me going. Today Shaurya has 55 smiling faces studying in it and they are taught by a staff of five, four teachers and one caretaker.

This year, we celebrated India’s 69th Republic Day (Jan. 26) on the school’s grounds and the encouragement I received from people, both who visited and who learnt about it later in platforms, such as, LinkedIn was overwhelming.

Along with the students’ smiles and expectations, it is encouragement like this which keeps me going.

On behalf of the students at Shaurya, I request your good wishes and support-in form of donations of money, books, furniture, uniforms, etc-so that more and more underprivileged children can finally look forward to a living a dignified life not overshadowed by poverty and want.

A Photo Of the Republic Day Celebration at Shaurya School:

Indian 69th Republic day celebrations at Shaurya School

Finding Humanity – Dipti Dhakul – Global Goodwill Ambassador

It is easy, locating humaneness!

Experimenting for wide visibility,

Collecting goodwill for gratefulness,

So we took a tender move to grip those hands,

Nerves those turn pink,

The one in millions that catch our sight,

By the deeds you pour in so many hearts.

Thumbs up, live lives in affirmation,

So many Goodwill Ambassadors wiping sweat,

From brows of fearful, restless, nervous lucky charms,

Lost in blanket of dark souls.

Tears roll down, goose bumps aroused,

Everyday I hear these Goodwill Deeds,

A new chance to start, A new day to recognize,

Happiness to galore & bright expectations lie on my shoulder.

My heart rejoiced when I saw goodwill germinate.

I recommend humanity nomination.
Let the world know humaneness is growing.

Dipti Dhakul

Dipti Dhakul – India – Global Goodwill Ambassador

How I Find Humanitarians for GGA – by Razi Hasmi Syed

The answer is simple. I find humanitarians from searches within my contacts and google searches.

I search for Human Right Activists for civil liberties, woman empowerment, against child abuse, sexual harassment, and discrimination based on color, cast, and religion.

These searches are in our regions and different continents. You can also classify these into developing, devolved countries. In developing countries and non-devolved, it is easy to find humanitarians since a lot of irregularities, illegal wrongdoings and civil right violations are common.

Nominations require some research work on profiles of prospective people and thorough review of their profile. In my opinion, it is not enough to look to their humanitarian work history, but one should look their career development and its relationship with humanity.

In other words humanitarians touch in their personality. This is an important task as the new Global Goodwill Ambassador will carry forward our work or in better word the work of founding fathers, Richard DiPilla and few others who had done great work with him.

We simply want people who are not just interested in writing with their name GGA. One important thing for nominators is to properly evaluate the profile using their judgement, and prescribed rules should be considered as guidelines.

We are producing future leaders who can work within the framework and as per vision of Founder.

One has to assess whether someone is not a member of any extremist group, political group or racial organizations.

We are now entering a stage where we need a dedicated team of Global Goodwill Ambassadors.

Razi Hashmi Syed

Razi Hashmi Syed – USA – Global Goodwill Ambassador

Insure yourself (and others) with Goodwill – by Adam Kennedy

A few weeks out from Christmas I ran into a guy at the local cafe near my gym. I see him down there from time to time.

He looked like something was troubling him, he was usually quite lively and outgoing. I asked him and he said – hey you’re in finance, aren’t you? I said yes, and he said do you know how I can get a short-term loan? I said for how much and he said, about $3,000.

I was curious and didn’t want to be nosy but had to ask! I asked why he needed the money and he said his son was sick (again) and needed a routine operation to fix a problem that had come back. He said due to the time of year cash flow and savings were tight and they’d been putting it off but his son was in pain now so they had booked in at the hospital for late January and the invoice would soon be due for payment.

I felt for him as I have kids too but I didn’t have a lazy $3,000 sitting around to give away or loan to a guy I hardly knew.

I recalled that I had just watched the movie Jerry Maguire the previous night and I found myself saying to him – “help me, help you!” He said what do you mean by that? I explained I didn’t want him taking a short-term high-interest rate loan out as it would cause undue stress long after his son was better, he understood but then said so what can I do?

I asked him if I could do a quick review of his existing finances, etc – free of charge and with no obligation. He said OK, why not. So we grabbed a coffee and went from there. To make a long story short I was able to save him around $1,400 in fees and another $1,700 on insurance premiums. He said that’s great and thanked me for the advice which we implemented in accordance with the laws I operate under as an adviser.
I made $3,700 commission (paid to me by the new insurer) for 4 days work that I had not seen coming right before Christmas!

The next day I said to him, look I’ve just made some money I wasn’t expecting to make and I’d like to gift you $3,000 so you can get your son that operation without going into debt. He said oh my God, man I will not forget this and will pay you back for sure. I said, buddy it’s a gift – you and your son need it more than I do. He was a bit flabbergasted and had a tear in one eye.

I simply said: “Remember my friend, some things are far more important than money, like being blessed that you can help somebody like another human being get well.” This is a true story.

Being a Global Goodwill Ambassador isn’t something that you are given – it’s a calling, we just recognize others who may not normally be recognized for goodwill.

Adam Kennedy

Adam Kennedy
Board of directors (Australia)
Global Goodwill Ambassadors

Luiza Palma – Portugal – Gender Parity – Global Goodwill Ambassador

Lingeswaran Srinivasan

Dr. Lingeswaran Srinivasan – India

Dear Richard,

trust this finds you in the pink of your health & the most happening moments of your life!

Please find below a few pics of myself with my Engineering Classmates settled in various parts of the globe, got together in Dubai, after 35 years of graduation in Chennai! This kind of reunions helps us not only to renew our relationships but also to get to know their family members & the bonding becomes much stronger!

Further, as a team, we are able to be collectively resourceful to address the genuine needs of the less privileged of the society. Which will pave way for peace!

Kind Regards,


Think never to do good is for nothing. One day you will be rewarded!

I am so grateful for this award and very proud. Many thanks to the International Peace Council USA for this honour!

International Peace Council USA Nelson Mandela Social Welfare Award

The footsteps of Nelson Mandela are very big. We need role models that young people can follow. And who knows – maybe one or the other will become another Nelson Mandela


Imagine by Hans-Jürgen John

Are you like me? Every day I take about one hour of my time and like and congratulate new Global Goodwill Ambassadors on Richard DiPilla’s timeline on LinkedIn.

And every time I feel fresh and good afterward. Where does that come from? Because I can welcome people who do great things in the humanitarian world? Because they show their gratitude in the comments?

I don’t know. It’s like riding on a wave of good vibrations. After that, my day is wonderful. I’m feeling good. It’s like I saved the world myself.

A vision

Look around you. Everything that exists in this world, created by people, is first a vision, a dream. What are your dreams? Have some of them come true?

So many dreams have come true. First the dream of fast car travel, then the dream of flying.

Many diseases that threatened the entire human race could be contained. Have you ever been sick? And would you have died if modern medicine hadn’t existed?

People never wanted to go hungry again like their ancestors – it came true. Do you have enough to eat?

People dreamed of a warm home – it became reality. Do you heat with wood, coal, oil or solar energy?

city - photo by zaib azhar

They dreamed of peace for their families – it became reality.

They dreamed of less work and more free time – it was fulfilled.

Why become visions true?

Why? Do miracles really exist? Or do we not see developments as miracles because they are slowly occurring?

Some will say: We have created this through hard work and diligence. Others say: Our faith, our religion, our God is the cause.

Maybe everyone’s right. And all of this adds up to what’s good?

The fact is, it works. We imagine something and it becomes reality after a while. Let us use this wonderful opportunity to improve life for all of us on this earth.

Compare our and their reality

It is true – many diseases could be cured – but not for all people.

Our warm food on the table – we go to the supermarket and can choose from thousands of products at an affordable price – but not all in the world can.

A warm home for our loved ones, yes, but not for all people.

Peace – yes, it does exist – but not everywhere in the world.

Now we could sit back in the TV chair and say:” I can’t save the whole world. I donate to some charities, and that’s all I need.”

Some try to. And yet they know – consciously or unconsciously – our prosperity, the future of our children is in danger.

Conflicts and love

War is not just a word. In 20 minutes, nuclear missiles could reach any place on Earth. So let us resolve conflicts today.

How do conflicts arise? People want to achieve advantages for themselves and their society – or simply survive with their families and have a future.

How do you avoid conflicts? People are taken seriously and you help them to develop a future perspective. Imagine you love the whole world. It is the first step.

This world doesn’t end in 20 minutes and not tomorrow and not in a year and not in 100 years. Spreading fear does not help people.

Some media spread bad news. This world is good!

Look around you. Children? Family? If you want to secure the future of your children in prosperity, you must help those who have nothing. They will stay in their homeland if food, water and education make survival possible.

family and love - photo by joel carter

Global Goodwill Ambassadors show that the goodwill in the world exists – people who help others generate gratitude – the currency that further motivates those who help.

Imagine you love all the people in this world. It is the first step. If you feel this, all the other steps will follow automatically. Then imagine you love the whole world. This world that feeds you and carries you through space. And this world will continue to endure and protect us.

Why would you do that? Love is the strongest of all feelings. You’re feeling good. You start a family with your partner. If you love your work, you feel wonderful.

Only people who have never experienced love try to get attention with bad actions. This explains why there are criminals and Nobel laureates, rapists and saints, war criminals and those who long for peace.

Please give people of this world love and trust, food and a home, education for their children and an opportunity.

Giving a voice to people doing great works – Anita Eyong

Global Goodwill Ambassadors - Anita Eyong


Lessons were over and kids were running toward the school’s exit. A tall, big girl stood by the gate and as soon as Carol approached she stopped her and said:

-Give me your doll, right away!

Carol knew that girl. Her name was Marta. She was aggressive and naughty. It was the first time Marta ever spoke to her. Carol noticed Marta’s jeans were too tight for Marta’s belly. She pressed her dear toy against her T-shirt, against the chest and said nothing, just hoping her mom would arrive soon. Marta went on saying:

-Did you hear me? Give me that doll or I’ll smack your face!

Carol got quite fearful. She gave her the beautiful princess barbie. Marta pulled the doll by her feet and some of the blond hair remained between Carol’s fingers. She closed her hand and felt mad. All she desired was being alone and cry, but her mom had arrived.
Before leaving Marta told her:

-You are just a little wimp!

Then she walked through the gate. Carol followed her slowly and got to the back seat of her mom’s car. She didn’ t want to tell her mother she acted like a coward but she believed it.

Some days after the incident all seemed forgotten. Carol was playing in the park and suddenly Marta appeared.

She sat there on a bench, alone, Carol’s doll in her hands.

Carol felt nervous at first; she watched Marta for a long while, till she looked down on the floor. A warm feeling arose in Carol’s heart, she wasn’t afraid anymore. She realized Marta was a lonely girl, nobody wanted to be friend with her because she was overweight. She felt sorry for her.

She decided to talk to her mom about it. That afternoon would have been the perfect time, when they would have gone together buy toys to give to a center for less fortunate kids.

As they got in the car, Carol told her mom about what had happened at school. That she gave Marta the doll and how she had felt about it. Her mother asked her:

-So, how do you feel now?
You know mom, Marta is a very lonely girl and I want to do something for her.
-That’s very nice Carol! What made you forgive her, dear? – asked her mom.
-When I saw her in the park today, I felt so sad for her – Carol said.

Goodwill and Friendship

They stopped at the toy shop where Gena bought colorful race cars, little dolls, blocks, a balloon and a basketball set for the center. As Gena was paying, her daughter came with a princess doll, pretending to buy it with her own savings.

As Gena and Carol arrived to the Children’s Center, they parked and delivered the toys to the reception. Hanna welcomed them with a smile, grateful for the gifts. How nice was to receive these toys for the less fortunate kids! Carol thought.

Next morning Carol took the doll she had bought, wrapped up as a gift, and brought it with her at school. As she saw Marta she joined her, standing by her she said:

-I want you to know we can be friends if you’d like to and this is my gift of friendship. Would you like to come over my house sometime? – She added.

Marta stood surprised and speechless, so Carol said:

-Would you like to take my gift for you?

Marta had a rush on her face, she had so much emotion she almost cried, but Carol was smiling and suddenly they both laughed. Marta opened the gift, inside there was a doll same as the one she had taken from her new friend. Carol than said:

-Now you have one just for you, the one you liked so much…
Carol it ‘s wonderful, you pardoned me? I’m going to give you back your doll so we both have the same – said Marta.

-Yes, I have forgiven you, Marta, I wish us to be friends, I told you – Carol said.

That weekend Gena welcomed Marta home and she made a chocolate cake for the girls. They became best friends and spent many more weekends together.

Marta became a happy girl, finally, since she had a girlfriend and more to come. She learned from Carol that goodwill makes up good friends which are surely worth much more than just a toy and their friendship lasted for ever!

Rosanna Bonci

@Rosanna Bonci our Italy Chair

Dear Richard,

To be one of the GLOBAL GOODWILL AMBASSADORS has made me part of the best network – of liked minded people on LinkedIn – in my experience and in the internet too. I’ ve got connected to people with whom I share a very important part of my life: how we care about others.

My nomination has been few days before Christmas, as a gift. It arrived in the very special atmosphere of loving and caring that this time of the year brings. In this beautiful and awesome world – spinning in a galaxy in the universe – it is so magical to be united among heart felted people – a really great and special experience.

That is why I wish to say Thank You for having had this vision and mission to start GGAs. Since Christmas my solitary work of acting for a better world has transformed in a chorus of voices from people all around the world. It’s beautiful. It’s a dream becoming true. And I ‘m more than happy to be at your service.

Thank you Ambassadors! Thank you Richard!


The Sarcars and their non profit organization Surtarang – India – Global Goodwill Ambassadors

Interview in Long Term Economy with Richard DiPilla – Founder Global Goodwill Ambassadors

Dario Ruggiero

Dario Ruggiero is the Author of the website

It supports the diffusion of the concept of ‘Long Term Economy’ – building up an economic system that serves the purpose of enhancing economic value and human well being in the long term.

Mary D. Moore – Philippines – making the world a better place

Global Goodwill Ambassador - Mary D Moore helping Marawi - Philippines

Life is good! – A test – by Hans-Jürgen John

Look around! Where are you? What do you see? Take a few seconds and write it down please.

Who are you? How are you? Please take a few seconds and write it down.

That’s a simple test. You can be honest. No one but you will know the result.

In search of purpose in life and basis of existence

In 2009 I came to Switzerland. My last job in Germany earned me 6 Euro 43 Cent per hour. Lots of money for the hungry – little if you have to pay rent, insurance, taxes and many jobs require a car – mobility.

So I went to the Promised Land – Switzerland – situated in the middle of Europe – peacefully – and blessed with a high standard of living.

You are the starting point of your new life

So, did you write something down about yourself? Are you brave enough to learn something about yourself? Don’t be afraid. You’ll be surprised.

There are books, entire libraries. Only written about the meaning of life. And how to behave in order to become happy and successful.

The good news is, everything you want and you can do is in you. The challenge is: You have to decide. Ongoing.

First: Do you want to be a good person? Do you feel it? Everything that follows is dominated by it. No matter what happened before. Then it doesn’t matter if you murdered and tortured people or not. Whether you’re a Nobel Peace Prize laureate or not. Whether you’re illiterate or beggar. That’s the miracle. You are the starting point of your new life.

Look around you. Richard DiPilla founded the Global Goodwill Ambassadors initiative. Why – he explained that.

It is much more. I see people all over the world who realize that goodwill is everywhere. People honored as Global Goodwill Ambassadors are role models. Often they work almost unnoticed. And do their job. Global Goodwill Ambassadors give a face to their humanitarian work worldwide. And now GGAs present their work.

Do you remember our test?

You wrote down where you are and what you see. And who you are and how you feel.

What’s all this about? You’re gonna wonder. Remember the headline? Life is simple!

Here is the result of the test. Look at what you wrote down.

Where are you?

The sum of your choices has brought you here. Or someone else’s decision? Always make sure that you determine your destiny. Or are you comfortable following other people’s decisions? The only important thing is that you feel comfortable. Be it in the slum areas in Calcutta or the street gorges of New York.

What do you see?

If you have written:”Heaven” – you may no longer be on earth or be a great visionary like Richard DiPilla. If you have written: “the rain – the sky cries” – work on your positive attitude. What you see you have imagined at some point and what you imagine you get – fate is more reliable than Amazon.

Maybe your attitude changes: “the rain – it brings water to so many living beings and makes the plants grow”.

Who are you?

Did you write – loser? Successful businessman? Mother or father? Victim? Or just your name? The only thing that matters is you deal with it.

It doesn’t matter what others think or say about you. You’re the one you want to be. Bad childhood? Poverty? Disability? Divorce? Troubles? No more excuses! Change what you do not like.

How are you feeling?

Here’s what you wrote down what all is really about. Some say feelings are superfluous. To show them even more.


Because they know what power have feelings. No government in the world can stop the people who wants peace and freedom. No one can permanently separate a loving mother from her child. Hunger makes us walk hundreds of miles. Look around you: Look at what men created because they want to please women. Simply incredible what creates love.

Smiles - photo by Daniel Xavier

Feelings are at the beginning of every big thing. Use this knowledge. Either to change your present condition or to strengthen it.

If you like and love people, you will become a great humanitarian. Not because you choose to be one. If you do everything important in your life out of a feeling you will be successful in it.

Whether it is a religion that acts with love or people’s longing for a life after death. Feelings govern us. The same applies to faith in us or in something.

To all the traders out there – please don’t buy and sell shares and warrants as of today by feeling – we don’t need another financial crisis.

The readers who didn’t write anything down

And now what? Let’s get to the readers who didn’t write anything down. They didn’t have a pencil with them. Or no paper at hand. And no smartphone. Or worse?

What does it take to follow instructions? If only such a simple request? Not knowing where it is headed?


Are you a person who trusts others? Even if they just show you the way to the next street corner in your life?

friends and trust - photo by Helena Lopes

Then the world is at your feet. People who trust others start companies. Hire employees. Getting married. Have lots of friends. Help others. Trust in gratitude. Found Global Goodwill Ambassadors.

Trust paves the way without concrete or tar.

Some people have never experienced trust in their lives.

They’re working. For money. They are getting married. For sex. They act. For base motives. If you meet such a person, you may have to trust her or him 12 times and succeed in doing so.

Some must learn to deal with trust. They do not know it. A lot of work. It’s still worth it. Think how many people they infect with their trust and goodwill?

And how did I find out? By reading books?


When I came to Switzerland in 2009, I was lucky. Lucky to meet a person who never criticized me. My employer. The one who trusted me. A gift. My self-confidence grew every year. In 2012 I founded Johntext – a worldwide literature platform. Not knowing how to build websites. Some people laughed at me.

Do you remember? If you have a dream, follow your inspiration. And not the criticism of others. It’s your dream. And maybe you have the vision to bring out the good in the world – like Richard DiPilla.

And what was the name of the man who trusted me first? Jörg Mathys (1950 – 2017).

What else can be said about him? Very much. I could write a book. Summarized: He had a good heart for others. He had been suffering from heart failure for a long time.

What’s positive about it? I have to wait for someone who trusts me? To gain confidence in my abilities?


Do you trust me? Even if I only show you the way to the next street corner of your life?

Try! Start loving people. Look around and create a strong feeling of love in you. At first, it’s just words. Then these words ignite wonderful feelings.

Go for a walk. Half an hour every day. Imagine you love everything that this world encompasses. Every plant, every tree, every animal with all its peculiarities.

You hate spiders? Start liking them. Love the tiger for its power. Love without prejudice. Love all the people around you. Accept all men as they are. With all their peculiarities.

Whether they are big and small, bearded or odd, tattooed or sick and desperate. What’s going to happen? I won’t tell you everything.

By the way: Many people love animals. Why? They show their gratitude to us: Cats, dogs, horses …

That’s me with a couple of one-year-old foals. They feel that I like them. Show gratitude and people will love you. Always. Remember the headline? Life is good! And life is simple!

It started with Jörg Mathys. Since then I have trusted many people. And they trust me and my abilities. Richard DiPilla never met me. He trusted me to be Global Goodwill Ambassador, Brand Ambassador and Director Digital Communications in the Global Executive Board. And now I compile the first Global Goodwill Ambassadors newsletter.

Thank you so much Richard DiPilla. You are a role model in this world. Great people bring great initiatives on the way. Great people like you trust others and and will therefore strengthen the positive in this world!!!

Hans-Jürgen John is our Director of Digital Communications and the Publisher of our GGA Newsletter.

Newest GGA members and appointments over the last 20 days:

Welcome and congratulate them in the timeline of Richard DiPilla – or if you meet them on LinkedIn … They are role models and proof that goodness lives in every human being.

Imitation explicitly recommended and allowed!

Name Country/Location Title
Gemma Smith United Kingdom Chair, Board of Directors, United Kingdom
Markus Krebsz England Nominations & Engagement, England
Laura Goldie Scotland Director, Nominations & Engagement, Scotland
Pascal Derrien Republic of Ireland Director, Nominations & Engagement, Republic of Ireland
Rana Nazir England Director, Nominations & Engagement, England
John Hood Canada Canadian Board Member
Baroness Dr. Uba Iwunwa Canada Canadian Board Member
Shelly Elsliger Canada Canadian Board Member
Sherry Wilson Canada Canadian Board Member
Taranum Khan Canada Canadian Board Member
Geetha Plackal India Co-Chair, India Board
Sharon Bingert USA Chair, USA Board
Beatriz Encinas Spain Chair, Spain Board
Hans-Jürgen John Switzerland Chair, Switzerland Board
Herold Super Switzerland Director, Nominations & Engagement
Mohsin Durrani Pakistan Director, Nominations & Engagement
Name Country-Location Role
Dr. M Alam Khan Hammmdard Ahm Afghanistan GGA
Getee Habibi Afghanistan GGA
Nasratullah Nasrat Afghanistan GGA
Rahmatullah Ghamai Afghanistan GGA
Xheni Petritaj Albania GGA
Federico Schmid Argentina GGA
Bronwyn King Australia GGA
Corey Allen Australia GGA
Dr. Diann Rodgers-Healey Australia GGA
Dylan Walsh Australia GGA
Ron Malhotra Australia GGA
Scott Parrey Australia GGA
Troy Mcfaul (Tee Mac) Australia GGA
Fareed Bahir Austria GGA
Monira Rahman Bangladesh GGA
Oluwatodimu Akolade Bankole Cyprus GGA
Marion Britta Baecker Fromlet Egypt GGA
Kenny Johnston England GGA
Linda Sage England GGA
Sammy Woodhouse England GGA
Karishma (Kash) Samtani Hong Kong GGA
Bhavani Janakiram India GGA
Ishrath Ali India GGA
Kumar Pushpesh Ranjan India GGA
Rohit Srivastava India GGA
Eva Berger Italy GGA
Lisa Shamseldin New Zealand GGA
Adigun Temitayo Nigeria GGA
Afees Akinola Agboola Nigeria GGA
Joy (Tope) Akintan Nigeria GGA
Taiwo Razaq Olowu Nigeria GGA
Dr. Muhammed Usman Tariq Pakistan GGA
Ghulam Rasool Mashori Pakistan GGA
Hadia Nusrat Pakistan GGA
Hamza Saeed Orakzai Pakistan GGA
Lt Col Nadeem Khan Pakistan GGA
Pastor Amanat Pakistan GGA
Tariq Hayat Pakistan GGA
Zafar Bilal Nadeem Pakistan GGA
Monis Rahman Pakistan GGA
Muhammad Hanif Tabassum Pakistan GGA
Akbar Dars Pakistan GGA
Lassane Ouedraogo Republic of Ireland GGA
Steve McKenna Scotland GGA
Dr. Patrick Liew Singapore GGA
Lauren Houghton Singapore GGA
Stacey Zimmer South Africa GGA
Mia Kleregard Sweden GGA
Barbara Steudler Switzerland GGA
Mechai Viravaidya Thailand GGA
Angela Abraham United Kingdom GGA
Ferron Gray United Kingdom GGA
Nadia Ynis United Kingdom GGA
Ross Bennet United Kingdom GGA
Adams Dodd USA GGA
Amelia Monroe Carlson USA GGA
Anila Khetarpal USA GGA
Ankit Daga USA GGA
Anna Parriski USA GGA
Anosha Zereh-Misaghi USA GGA
Anton Chumak Andryakov USA GGA
Courtney Minturn USA GGA
Dianne Holbrook USA GGA
Gretchen Crass USA GGA
Hafez E. Naj USA GGA
Isvari Mohan USA GGA
James Anderson USA GGA
Jennifer Siller-Lasry USA GGA
Jennifer Whittwer USA GGA
Jill Goldworn USA GGA
Jon Klein USA GGA
Jon Kline USA GGA
Joseph David Thomas USA GGA
Kage Spatz USA GGA
Kimberly Jackson USA GGA
Kori Higgins USA GGA
Massiel Bautista USA GGA
Matt Willis USA GGA
Monica Nikolaou USA GGA
Patricia Shaw USA GGA
Pauline Crawford Omps USA GGA
Rajiv Uttamchandandi USA GGA
Robin Louis USA GGA
Sanela Hadzihasanovic USA GGA
Sean Mulroney USA GGA
Tyrone (TY) Sparks USA GGA
Yanaliz Whelan USA GGA
Zheela Noori USA GGA
Ekaterina Tkatchouk USA GGA
Apostle Dr. Josephat Mwale Zambia GGA