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Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) – The most amazing people in the world – Richard DiPilla


I have to constantly remind myself that each day, month, and year, are specks of time in the evolution of humanity. As I remind myself I ask each of you.

Are you doing things in your life that are an example to others? Are you leaving behind your own personal legacy beyond what you do in your career?

There is not enough time for me to tell you all the stories of great works I’ve witnessed just over the last thirty days from Global Goodwill Ambassadors. Within this newsletter, you will read yourself about a series of goodwill and goodworks.

I still get messages from people who ask: “What exactly does Global Goodwill Ambassadors do?” I wish they understood that it is not the organization of GGA, it’s the people themselves who do so much, and now in collaboration with others like each of you, who are writing the world’s greatest love story. You are advancing the evolution of civilization through inspiring humanitarian actions.

CAN WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE? We already are. Day in and day out. And yes, specific instances of using our group to unite people across the globe to help people in desperate need. I can tell you we have saved lives just this month due to interactions between Global Goodwill Ambassadors. We have helped save someone in a critical abusive situation. We have brought out the stories of those suffering from horrors that will bring you to tears.


Lastly, I need to thank Lisa Jones, Ted Batchelor, Hans-Jürgen John, Taranum Khan, our Country Chairs and Directors, our Nominations team, all those who are stepping up to produce our GGA designations, (yes we need many more of you), our GGA Whats App participants, our other outreach through all social media, our cause initiative volunteers you will read about in this newsletter, our new country chapter chairs and directors, our contributing writers and bloggers, and EVERY GLOBAL GOODWILL AMBASSADOR, for being a kind heart in a world that needs your kindness.

One Planet - One Home - One Community - Richard DiPilla - Founder Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA)
As always we are open to your thoughts on what we can do to be better in what we do. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and let me know. I love hearing from the most beautiful people in the world.


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I founded Global Goodwill Ambassadors to honor people who provide humanitarian aid.
I am all the more astonished that I have now been honored myself.

International reputed think tank Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD announced renowned humanitarian and Peace Activist Honorable Mr. Richard DiPilla (USA) Founder Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) as new Ambassador of Peace.


International reputed think tank Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD announced Richard DiPilla - Founder Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) as new Ambassador of Peace


Much appreciated! Thank you so much!

Many thanks to Muhammad Tahir Tabassum President / CEO INSPAD Pakistan!


Richard DiPilla

Founder Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA)

Berkshire Hathaway BHMG INC.

Corporate Markets Development

Developing the World for GGA - Ted Batchelor General Council GGA Global and Lisa Jones Operations and International Development Director GGA Global about near future
Global Goodwill Ambassadors have reached nearly 100 countries with about 3000 GGAs and to ensure our continued growth, we are organizing GGA by creating chapters in each country with a Board Chair and directors of nominations and engagement.

This is a very important step in having each country become self-sustainable thus enabling them to receive nominations, vet nominations, and produce images for the announcement.

USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Gambia, Singapore & S.E. Asia, Afghanistan, and Italy are just a few of the countries that have already reached this point, and our goal is to have all self-sustainable by May 1, 2018.

We want to encourage countries to have meetings, set up LinkedIn groups specific to each country to disseminate information and for general communications.

There is a GGA WhatsApp group for individuals from around the world to speak with each other and learn more about what is happening in other parts of the world. There is also a YouTube channel where we will place videos highlighting GGAs and events as they take place.

It is also our goal to keep GGAs engaged and we will keep finding venues for GGAs to get to know one another.

These are exciting times as growth has been growing at rocket speed and we do not expect it to slow down.


— this newsletter is twice as extensive as the last —

— we published half of the material we got —

— content that did not find a place is published in the April newsletter —

These articles and Global Goodwill Ambassadors are included and mentioned here:
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What’s the news from Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) worldwide?


Who is your role model?


Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot is a French actress - singer - dancer and fashion model who later became an animal activist - Global Goodwill Ambassadors GGA

As we grow up, we search for our destiny in life. This can be faith, support for other people or one’s own career.

We always like to look up. To people who have used their lives to do good and thus become role models for whole generations. These were and are often actors who are in the focus of public attention.

One of these wonderful people is Brigitte Bardot. She did not sunbathe in fame as an actress but became a person who stood up  for the rights of animals.

Many thanks for this. You deserve being honored and be recognized by Global Goodwill Ambassadors worldwide!

Brigitte Bardot on Wikipedia

Global Goodwill Ambassadors GGA on Facebook

Hello! My name is Joud Mushaweh.

I am one of whom they called Syrian Refugees.

I am whom they pointed at saying there is a punishment if you feel freedom, there is a sharp border to raise head up thinking widely with boundless hope.


Joud Mushaweh - Global Goodwill Ambassador GGA


I am who was told don’t speak, don’t work, don’t study but I did – when I was running through the Syrian-Turkish borders, escaping from my city Raqqa in Northern Syria, where the air strikes could not be closer, the desire to live only one more day is all I had.


street cafe - Syria #cryforpeace
street cafe – Syria #cryforpeace


I was choking, I felt there was no air to breathe and my hands were shaking with fear and weakness, and literally, I carried nothing from my house but my clothes on my back.


when a man fights fire because others became fire #syriacryforpeace
when a man fights fire because others became fire #syriacryforpeace


I found myself out of my country, no home, no college, no friends and of course no peace, days passed by, the war in my country became worse, but I realized that this war would not change my aims or stop my ambitions.


bombings - children in syria #cryforpeace
bombings – children in syria #cryforpeace


That was the time when I took a brave decision to return to Syria again, the situation there was too dangerous but nothing would stop me.

Under the fire, I finished my study and got a bachelor in Architecture, no words could explain how proud I was and since then I decided that I will fight for all girls and women everywhere who deserve to feel the same.


Joud Mushaweh
Joud Mushaweh


I came back to Turkey and volunteered in NGOs to help displaced people, I helped many Syrians inside and out Syria to find jobs through LinkedIn by posting thousands of jobs advertisements, besides, I organized many successful campaigns to support children in Turkey.


imagine there is no sky - only dust #syriacryforpeace
imagine there is no sky – only dust #syriacryforpeace


I had the commitment to help refugees and displaced people who were struggling for their rights – the right to live in peace and to be treated with dignity and equality.


#justiceforsyria -


The war was not our fault, we paid a price for a crime we’ve never committed. I heard once, that some people fear the fire, but others become the fire, and I chose the second one.


#justiceforsyria -


After five years of hard working, a work that came from the heart, I awarded the Turkish citizenship and was invited to the 3rd international day for women and girls in science in the United Nations HQ in New York City, USA.




I raised up my voice so that those without a voice can be heard, we are exhausted, terrorism and conflicts stop us dreaming of tomorrow, all we need is peace.

We don’t want to get married early anymore.

We don’t want our children to be forced to child labor.

Raqqa, my city, suffered from the hurdles of extremism by ISIS, they killed the life in there, colored the city with black because they were afraid of our light.


why - no one knows the answer no one cares and death reigns #syriacryforpeace
why – no one knows the answer no one cares and death reigns #syriacryforpeace


ISIS is no more in Raqqa, but people are there, the hopes and dreams are there. I want women, men, boys, and girls everywhere to have a chance to be empowered, to know their rights and responsibilities.

I believe in the power of the words, also I believe in the strength of humanity. I want to invite you all, to help me wage a global struggle against wars, poverty, and conflicts, for those who have dreams, hopes, and deserve to have a bright future.


Global Goodwill Ambassadors GGA caring for the world


Prerana Sharma - Global Goodwill Ambassador GGA and Assistant Vice President of Ease Of Doing Business - an initiative of Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India - at the UP Investors Summit 2018
Prerana Sharma – Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA) and Assistant Vice President of Ease Of Doing Business – an initiative of Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, – at the UP Investors Summit 2018.

Global Goodwill Ambassadors make a difference where ever they are – Prerana Sharma.

Who am I?

I am Prerana Sharma, Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA) from India.

What do I do?

Presently I am country level volunteer for Dristi Samajik Sansathan. It provides assistance to all types of disabled children of weaker section to improve their personality as a whole with proper education and training and rehabilitate them comprehensively.


Prerana Sharma - Global Goodwill Ambassadors India - helps providing assistances to poor and needy people


I am also a Managing Director of Travoinspire Global Pvt Ltd which provides travel & event services exclusively to Corporate companies globally.

Recently I have been given an additional responsibility of Assistant Vice President of Ease Of Doing Business – easeofdoingbusiness.in – , an initiative of Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, for four sectors i.e. Tourism, Hospitality, Aviation and Wellness for five states (Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Bihar & Orrisa) of India.

In relation to that, I attended the first UP Investors Summit 2018 in February. Uttar Pradesh is the growth engine of India (more than 200 million inhabitants), and country’s third largest growing economy. The Taj Mahal, a national symbol of India, is located in Uttar Pradesh.


A Book on Kumbh was inaugrated in Tourism Session - Prerana Sharma - Global Goodwill Ambassadors GGA
A Book on Kumbh was presented in Tourism Session – Prerana Sharma – GGAs.


The Investor summit was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It was mammoth summit of investors of across the globe and presence of 20 Union ministers (including six Cabinet Ministers Arun Jaitley, Nitin Gadkari, Nirmala Sitharaman, Rajnath Singh, Piyush Goyal and Smriti Irani).

The designation comes with great responsibility. My work in the summit was to provide the cushion between Government and Investors and to monitor, assist & facilitate the investors of these sectors. My experience was fantastic. It was great to be a part of UP Investors summit. There were exchange of great ideas by top notch industrialists and Government. Many new investments were welcomed by Government and will be witnessed in future by UP.

It was valuable listening to Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.

Wonderful speeches also by Mr. Piyush Goyal, Minister of Railways and Coal in the Government of India, Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Commerce & Industry of India, Keshav Prasad Maurya, Deputy Chief Minister (Uttar Pradesh), Satish Mahana, Minister of Industrial Development (Uttar Pradesh), and many industrialists.


Dr Rita Bahuguna Joshi Minister of Women Welfare Family Welfare Maternity and Child Welfare and Tourism at Government of Uttar Pradesh informing the press
Dr Rita Bahuguna Joshi Minister of Women Welfare, Family Welfare, Maternity and Child Welfare and Tourism at Government of Uttar Pradesh informing the press.


At last but not the least I had a fruitful long interaction with Dr. Rita Bahuguna Joshi, Minister of Women Welfare, Family Welfare, Maternity and Child Welfare and Tourism at Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Prerana Sharma with Dr. Rita Bahuguna Joshi - Minister of Women Welfare - Family Welfare - Maternity and Child Welfare and Tourism at Government of Uttar Pradesh

The summit will be followed by steering committee meetings, round table meetings and so on.

No matter who and where we are in this world – we all contribute to make this world a better place. Try to build a network. Your humanitarian efforts will multiply.

Balvinder Singh - GGA - is a Human Rights Advocate helping those in nedd by donating food - clothing and compassion


Serve the Poor People - God will Bless You - Balvinder Singh from Kurukshetra - Haryana - India


Chat conversation between Sultana Daliri, Richard DiPilla and Hans-Jürgen John



Hello from Afghanistan! I am Sultana Daliri.

Kindly view my LinkedIn profile, please.

I am a girl with a disability from Afghanistan, studied my bachelor program in India and master program in Germany.
I worked in the field of finance with NGOs, having a disability in my right leg.

When the Taliban left Afghanistan I was 9 years old and started school from 5th grade. I finished my high school when I was just 16 years old.



I was 6 months that I got polio, but I never stop believing in my abilities.

In 2005 Afghanistan govt. signed the UNCRPD convention with Geneva and did nothing for infrastructure and transportation – in order to make all accessible for disabled people.

I wrote the shadow report of this convention and reported it to Geneva, no actions yet. Should submit the report first to NGOs.

Now I am a project manager for a German organization and cross-border business adviser, helping the returnees from Germany to start a small or medium-size business in Afghanistan for a better re-integration.

I am writing this message to you in order to share my dreams in humanitarians.
Due to suffering disability, being Afghan violated and discriminated, I don’t want that the next generation suffers these problems. I want to work in this sector and quit my job from returnees program.

Is it possible to give me advice and support?
Thank you in advance, looking forward to hearing from you.



I will nominate you as a Global Goodwill Ambassador.



During Taliban period I was in Afghanistan. In 1993, the attack and internal war of Afghanistan is my birthday, and sometimes I cannot believe that I am here.

I worked as a Labour child in carpet waving when I was just 6 years old to support my family economically.



@Sultana Daliri I’ve added @Mursal Mahboobi Kakar and @Farid Ahmadi to this conversation.
We will make you a Global Goodwill Ambassador.

We WILL be sure your story is told.

We WILL show the world the new generation of Afghan people who will say NO MORE EVER… to the generational cycle of war.

I may not live to see a totally peaceful Afghanistan but… You, @Mursal Mahboobi Kakar @Farid Ahmadi and alike WILL.

I want to help be a part of helping you, beautiful people.



Thanks. I appreciate your attitude towards my homeland, and it motivates me more to work as hard as possible for peace in Afghanistan.



My heart hurts for all oppressed people.



We are a homeless generation.
We have no place to go, nowhere to live and we have a responsible generation that brings war and conflict since 1979 and still they are in power in the government and non-government sectors.

The 1980 youths were responsible for us.

And we are responsible for next generation.

We have a lot to do: build what our father’s destroyed and handover it peacefully to next generation.

All we need is support and power against corruption.

We can bring peace by talking ourselves responsible and know our duties more than our rights.

Because this duty will handover the rights.



@Hans-Jürgen John Please tell this story in our March Newsletter Publication.



I will.


Sultana Daliri:

I support women with disability in Kabul – they are already making wedding dresses for a Super Market. They earn some money by this. They are girls in the wheelchair.
BARFI organisation is a new established NGO in Germany to support these girls.
It will change the attitude of “Afghan” society towards disability and Women Empowerment.
We Stand with New Believes: “Afghan Women Can!

1- We make accessible the opportunities to Afghan disabled women, and they will change the society’s attitude with their actions in Afghanistan. (OAA)

2- We make accessible the opportunities to immigrant / migrant Afghan women, they will take actions, start showing up in the labor market / placing to job, business plan supports and cross boarder/ transitional business ideas for becoming self-independent, self-employment and business women to contribute back in Afghanistan in Women Development Sectors from Germany. (OAA)

OAA are the stages to step up for movements which stands for Opportunity, Accessibility and Action.

Our Facebook Official Page: BARFI-Organization

Email: BARFI.ADW@gmail.com


Good Morning Sir Richard. Hope you are doing well. This is Zubair Ahmad from Afghanistan. We are proud of you and see that you are working for peace and humanity globally.


Zubair Ahmad Khugyani is a humanitarian working for Human Rights and a peaceful Afghanistan - Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA)


Afghanistan concerning Girls Education, Democracy & Human Rights:

Afghanistan is a country that has suffered greatly and that after more than 30 years of war and conflict is characterized by deep poverty.

In recent decades Afghanistan has been hit by a series of wars. Since the fall of the communist regime in 1992, the country has been ruled by brutal warlords and the Taliban and bombed by the US and its allies.

The war is still part of everyday life. The number of civilian casualties has increased considerably in recent years. 2017 saw a 30 percent increase compared with 2015 & 2016.

Afghanistan is described as one of the most corrupt countries in the world and corruption is prevalent at all levels of society.

The human rights situation has improved markedly after the fall of the Taliban and the anarchy of the 1990s, especially when it comes to women’s and girls’ rights.


International Girls and Children days - very year we are taking Orphan girls and children from Orphanage house in Kabul - Photographer - Abid Ahmad - Zubair Ahmad Khugyani - GGA
International Girls and Children days – every year we are taking Orphan girls and children from Orphanage house in Kabul – Photographer – Abid Ahmad – Zubair Ahmad Khugyani – GGA


However, there could be setbacks due to the aggravated conflict, the presence of warlords in political life, and the inability of the rulers to meet basic human rights.

The judicial system is weak with a limited range. Patriarchal customs and structures mean that women and girls are not seen as full citizens.


Ghor Province - Afghanistan during Human Rights protesting against Force marriage of Girls in less age and Selling of Girls to Old men in Afghanistan
Ghor Province – Afghanistan during Human Rights protesting against Force marriage of Girls in less age and Selling of Girls to Old men in Afghanistan


The widespread violence against women and girls is a fundamental obstacle to development in Afghanistan.

Nearly seven out of ten Afghans are under 25 years of age and the literacy rate is very low, particularly among women. The education system suffers from major shortcomings, particularly in terms of availability of trained teachers, classrooms, and textbooks.


Free seminars for capacity building including photography classes - Computer and English for Boys and Girls - Zubair Ahmad Khugyani - Global Goodwill Ambassador GGA
Free seminars for capacity building including photography classes – Computer and English for Boys and Girls – Zubair Ahmad Khugyani – Global Goodwill Ambassador GGA


The situation is worst in rural areas where there are few female teachers and often it is far to the nearest school. Girls don’t have the same educational opportunities as boys.

At the same time, there have been major improvements in the education sector after the fall of the Taliban. In 2001, only 900,000 children were in school, basically, none of them were girls. Recently the figure had increased to 8.5 million, of which 39 percent are girls.


Seminars sponsored by Lincoln Learning Center - Private Universities - Italy Embassy - Killid Media Group and Corporate Businesses - Zubair Ahmad Khugyani - Global Goodwill Ambassador GGA Afghanistan
Seminars sponsored by Lincoln Learning Center – Private Universities – Italy Embassy – Killid Media Group and Corporate Businesses – Zubair Ahmad Khugyani – Global Goodwill Ambassador GGA Afghanistan



Recently there are lots of NGO’s national and international. Most of the staff are youth working or serving in the area of human rights such as women’s rights, children’s rights, Peace, Education, against torture and ill-treatment as well as freedom of expression.

Constructive discussions were held about the situation in Afghanistan and about cooperation between the EU and Afghanistan, including with its member states present in the country.

The Government reiterated its commitment to improve the human rights situation in Afghanistan in line with national and international obligations and to launch the necessary judicial reforms.

The Government presented achievements such as its renewed Penal Code and its provisions on crimes against humanity, war crimes, human trafficking and sexual harassment.


Appreciated by Province Governor for Human Rights protests - Zubair Ahmad Khugyani - Global Goodwill Ambassador GGA Afghanistan
Appreciated by Province Governor for Human Rights protests – Zubair Ahmad Khugyani – Global Goodwill Ambassador GGA Afghanistan


The EU also pointed out that, although the adoption of laws and national action plans is a positive step, it has to be followed by the implementation and more concrete action to ensure human rights for all Afghan women and men, boys and girls.

The EU emphasized its commitment to strengthen human rights and the rule of law in Afghanistan and encouraged the Government of Afghanistan to follow up on the recommendations made by the UN Committee against Torture as well as to increase the efforts to stop violence and discrimination of women and girls in society.

After this we Youth are willing to expand our social activity for Humanity, Peace, Rights, and Education as Globally.

That’s why we need your support. Therefore we need strongly your advise, motivation and appreciations.

We are serving humanity without any expectation. We are happy with helping other people and serving.

We need advise of our seniors, motivation, and appreciation. We are willing to be a member of GGA.

Thanks & Regards,

Zubair Ahmad Khugyani



A LUCKY BOY by Rosanna Bonci


Rosanna Bonci - our Italy chair

I’m a lucky boy. Sure I am. Because as a ten-year-old, I’m allowed to travel to Europe! Happy and grateful I am, on the Lungotevere of Rome, the eternal city.

Today is a special day, March 20th, the start of spring. Dad and mom have organized a unique event: we are going to spend the day at the Orto Botanico. We walk along the Tiber river, smelling the Platani’s bunches and watching the water running toward the Mediterranean sea.

The way turns inwards, we step on the typical ancient Roman alley, made of sampietrini – cobblestones. We cross Trastevere, I take some pictures of some ancient building with lights hanging on its walls. Because of my passion for photography, I’m used to seeing those details.

In front of us suddenly is Largo Cristina di Svezia, 24; the gate is open, we enter the Orto Botanico. A fresh smell enters my nose, it must be mint.

Mom is reading a guide. She tells us we are in the Villa Corsini garden and today is the Equinox, which means it is the day of the year when daylight and night are equally long. In honor of the equinox, I take a picture of my parents near the rosemary bush.

As I turn around attracted by some happy voices laughing out loud, I see a group of maybe fifteen youngs in my age coming our way. Mom keeps telling the story. The Villa Corsini garden is 500 years old and it used to be the Vatican ‘Giardino dei semplici’, meaning simple people garden of medicinal plants. The kids pass by, they are loud, mom’s voice seems mute and I can only read her lips!

I learn there are three thousand plants in the garden. I take pictures in a sequence so that I can choose the best later on. Basilic, sage, pepper and many other spices catch my attention from far, they smell fresh and spicy!

As I look into my camera I suddenly see a pair of binoculars in front of a face with long hair, held up by three white thin fingers on each side. She can see my eyeballs from there, she is close enough and looking straight at me, I can tell.

For a moment we both stand and watch at one another then rapidly turn in another direction. It wasn’t by accident I think, she was looking at me in purpose. How can I tell? I guess I just know it. She has turned her back on me now and I remained way behind my parents.

I reach the bamboo forest and find mom and dad there They pull out a sandwich each and give one to me. It is an italian panino, typical roman ‘rosetta with mortadella’, a kind of bread shaped like a flower, crunchy and round. Tastes delicious. We stand under the tall thin trees waving in the spring light wind of this sunny day. We seat on a bench and have a rest.

I hear mom talking about a rose garden and go on my own to shoot some pics. I can smell the roses. Then I hear someone screaming. I step forward to see where the voices come from, and here I am already in the rose garden.

My binos girl and her girlfriend are in a rose bush. They yell for some help. What can I do? The poor girls are about to cry, with thorns in her clothes, hands, and face. Of course, I don’t want to wait for my parents and prefer to help now! I start pushing and pulling the bush with my sneakers till they are liberated and crawl out of it.

I hear my parents calling my name and I answer. The binos girl says: “Ciao I’m Mila” – then she adds “Grazie”, which I understand. I say back to her “Ciao I’m Sam” and I don’t really know how to continue the conversation.

The teacher calls “Erika! Mila! There you are! What happened? You look so dirty!” They explain the adventure and the teacher thanks me in English. My parents have arrived too.

We all move toward the Japanese garden with the cherry trees blossoms. The area is all pink and beautiful and to close my equinox adventure I take a picture of the two girlfriends in front of the cherry trees and post it on Instagram. Is the best pic I took, maybe for the fact that Mila looks like an angel to me and now we are friends. I do feel a lucky boy! Did I say that already?


Deborah Levine interviews Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) about their humanitarian work.


Who is Deborah Levine?

Deborah Levine is an award-winning author, speaker on cultural diversity, and the Editor-in-Chief of the American Diversity Report.


Deborah Levine - Global Goodwill Ambassadors USA - performs goodwill humanitarian work for economic empowerment


Deborah Levine interviewed Global Goodwill Ambassadors about their background, their work, and the people they help. She also asked them to share their words of wisdom to inspire others who want to make a difference and offer them practical advice.

Let us celebrate people making a difference in their own way. These stories from Global Goodwill Ambassadors will motivate you to pursue your efforts to change the world for the better. Their words of wisdom will inspire you to be a model for others to follow in your footsteps. Here are interviews with Dr. Nadia Cheaib and Abdul Asill Azizi.


Dr. Nadia Cheaib


Dr. Nadia Cheaib - Global Goodwill Ambassador Lebanon - founding President of first NGO in the Middle East and North Africa


Who is Dr. Nadia Cheaib?


Dr. Nadia Cheaib is Founder and CSO of Clingroup, a healthcare services provider. Dr. Cheaib has a doctoral degree in Pharmacy and Medical Sciences from France. She is an International expert on drugs development. She is Founder and President of Hope MCF Philanthropic Foundation which operates in Lebanon, UAE, and Egypt.
As founder of Hope MCF, she helps children in the Middle East and Africa to get a proper schooling because their parents can’t finance their education. She helps women in these countries to create their own businesses so that they can support their families in a sustainable way. In addition, she mentors NGOs in these countries to improve their performance. While these organizations are greatly motivated by their causes, they have little expertise in managing NGOs.
Dr. Cheaib explains her philosophy and why her work makes a difference, “We believe and apply the proverb,

Don’t give me a fish, but rather teach me to fish.

For example, we educate women and then integrate them into professional societies. Our cases, all activities included, number over 15,000 today.”

What can we do to make a difference?

To do this life changing work, Dr. Cheaib takes her inspiration from Mother Theresa’s endless faith and sense of giving as well as from Marie Curie’s devotion to science. Dr. Cheaib’s own words of wisdom for others who want to make a difference include:

a. Believe there is some goodness in people despite all you may face.

b. Carry on regardless of people’s reaction or abuse. What matters is how faithful you are to your own beliefs, not people’s recognition.

c. Build always in a sustainable long-term manner so that those you helped yesterday become your arms to multiply giving today.

Abdul Asill Azizi


Abdul Asill Azizi - Global Goodwill Ambassadors Afghanistan - Co- Excecutive Director of Tenacoius Afghan Fund for Youth


Who is Abdul Asill Azizi?


Abdul Asill Azizi is a Human Resource Specialist working with Sarakkhumar, Ltd. in Kabul, Afghanistan. He shares his humble beginnings, coming from a small family that had nothing the time he can remember. He encountered many obstacles to develop from a small boy to a young man.


My country has been full of violence and war among my own people which I pity to this day. I dream of changing that perspective among my people and I will keep dreaming to make my country a better place just as I dreamed when I was a young boy. I seek to change this world in the best way without being disrespectful. I was brought up with love, to spread love, to give love, to create love, and, hopefully, complete my life with love.


What is his philosophy of making a difference?

Abdul shares his philosophy:


I believe in humanity. The world needs humanity and I want to help because the world needs us to lay hands on the needy ones. There are thousands and thousands of refugees around the globe that are in need of help. The more we help, the more the world becomes a beautiful place to live in. Hence, we should not just fold our hands and wait for the world to become a better place.

He has applied that philosophy in a personal way:

I helped a relative of mine a few years ago by giving him tuition when he took his final exams in his last year in school. He is now studying at one of the good university’s in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The young man has an internship in mechanical engineering and a scholarship due to his high marks. He is a humble and hardworking student in his field and always grateful for the help provided to him.

Abdul explains that the person who inspired him the most is Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi fought for freedom, he fought for his country and the goodwill of the country, and he fought for peace regardless of the violence and oppression. Abdul’s own words of wisdom for others who want to make a difference include,

  • Follow the goodwill in your heart and never turn your back on people who are in need of your help.
  • Encourage a person to follow his dream and to never give up on his dreams of achievements.
  • Keep a disciplined mindset for every step you take in life and always be a caring, loving icon to the younger ones. You may start from nothing, but you can become a goodwill ambassador among your people.

Deborah Levine published these two interviews also on: American Diversity Report

Abdul Asill Azizi - Global Goodwill Ambassador GGA - about the history and situation of his meloved country Afghanistan and his definition of helping others



By: Sharon Bingert, Chair – Global Goodwill Ambassadors, USA


Sharon Bingert - Chair - US Board Global Goodwill Ambassadors


Both my Husband and I have Always Believed in “Paying it Forward”. Today I had an amazing experience meeting and talking to a complete stranger.

My husband and I went to a Dollar Store to browse, and possibly purchase some items there.

What happened next to me, was a “Total Surprise”.

A lady in the store was buying items for what looked like something a child would enjoy. She had one that had “Streamers with a Sunshine Character”, plus another one that had a “Happy Face with Bright Colors and Streamers”. She also had in her basket coloring books, crayons, etc.

I started to ask her about a coloring book that she was looking at, and she said that she was a nurse and had a little boy who was about 5 or 6 years old as a patient.

The little boy had a debilitating disease. The nurse had worked for a Private Company out of the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and that’s where she met the young boy. She said that he was so ill, that his parents recently had to move him to another facility, and that he would probably remain there for the remainder of his life. She said that everyone had lost hope for him to ever get better and recover, so she was on her way to visit this young boy on her own time.

The more she talked about him, the more my heart broke. I felt, whatever problems I thought I might have, after hearing about this little boy, “I had NO Problems at all“.

What I did next, was something that I felt compelled to do!! I had never met this nurse before, and unfortunately, would probably never get a chance to meet the little boy, but I HAD to Do Something for Him.

I told her that I wanted to buy him something, and asked her to pick it out for him, which she did. I then told her to please pick another item as well for him.

It seemed to amaze her that a “Total Stranger” would do something regardless of how small an “Act of Kindness” it was, to put a smile on a young boys face. Next, she asked me what my name was. I told her “Sharon”. She thanked me and told me that she was going to tell the young boy that he NOW has a New Friend by the name of Sharon.

Sometimes, you just have to forget your own problems and reach out and touch a complete stranger, if for nothing else, to put a smile, even for a little while, on their face!!


In March 2018  Jaya Kamlani was honored Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA) by Richard DiPilla.


Jaya Kamlani - Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA) - is an author and poet and recipient of Bharat Samman (Pride of India) Hind Rattan (Jewel of India) and the Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samman awards of India -


Who is Jaya Kamlani?


Jaya Kamlani is an award-winning Indian-American author and poet. She is a former Silicon Valley technology consultant and a graduate of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and has been living in America since 1969.

What are the awards she received for?

In 2016, she received three prestigious awards from the Government of India: the “Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samman” for Literature, the “Bharat Samman” (Pride of India) and the “Hind Rattan” (Jewel of India) awards as an outstanding author.


Jaya Kamlani received the Bharat Samman Award from General V. K. Singh - Minister of State for External Affairs and Manu Jagmohan Singh - Secretary General of the NRI - nonresident Indians Institute

Jaya Kamlani received the NRI Institute’s Bharat Samman (Pride of India) Award from former Army Chief, General V K Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs and Manu Jagmohan Singh, Secretary General of NRI Institute at Leela Palace, Delhi.


What can we learn by her example?


As a 20-year Silicon Valley technology veteran, she is a firm believer of continuous improvement “Kaizen”, whether it is to improve our business, our country, or ourselves.

Her debut non-fiction book, “To India, with Tough Love” (2013) was written to promote public awareness of social, economic and environmental issues impacting India, as well as sustainable solutions, which can be adopted by any country in the world.



Hello from Canada! My name is John Duncan Hood.

Great to meet you here!

John Duncan Hood - Global Goodwill Ambassador Canada - promoting humanitarianism trhough his art and his life


Why should I tell my story?


To all those who know what goes on in life: run after your goals!
To all those who are searching for their way: maybe my way will give you some inspiration!

When I was 6 years old, my father asked me,
‘what did you want to do when you got older?’
I said: ‘I want to grow things to feed people’.

Now here I am past 60 times around the
Sun, fostering 5 children under 10 and having been doing
this for 17 years, had 20 plus children slip through the
cracks of society, come through my front door.

Beside my fostering, in have been running a Gardening
Service off and on for 23 years. Owned my own company twice,
built parks, owned an organic 5-acre market garden, a
blueberry farm and built native plant filtration ponds.
In addition, I’ve written an Education Program for
Elementary School Children about life in a Fruit Orchard,
the pollinators who live there and the important role they play.

My passion is drawing, as I’ve been doing it since I was 6
years old and I’ve developed my own style over the years.
I am a realistic / sometimes surreal artist and as an artist,
we are always looking to draw something everyone will recognize.

Art work by artist and humanitarian John Duncan Hood - Canada

Some people draw flowers, others landscapes,
some abstracts others still living.
Me I decided to draw some realistic pieces
only to find out the hard way about copyrights.
So who does one draw that does not have a copyright on them.
I pondered who to draw for a long time and then it
came to me in a series of dreams.

I was told in my dreams to draw Jesus, walking to the cross,
with a look on his face, that would make people stop in
their tracks and I was instructed to do it in an old style
of dots.

When the piece was completed I would go on the
internet, to find people who would like to have a free copy
and send it to them. Then in 2015, I tried to give it to the
Vancouver School of Theology and the receiver did not
believe I was the artist. I instructed her perhaps in
inappropriate language to tear it up, if she thought I was
not the artist and sent another to His Holiness Pope

On LinkedIn, I met a fellow artist and now good friend
Erasmo, who lives in the United States. He guided me on the
the proper method to introduce myself, my artwork and suggested
who His Holiness should pray for, I said the ‘children of
our Earth as they need the most help’.

You find me and my art also on Google and links to websites which show:
Think big and if your heart is pure you can reach anything:


In 2016, Canada day, I received a letter from His Holiness
thanking me and blessing me for my gift to Him.

I am truly Honored but I want my artwork to do more.
I want it to feed the hungry so what does one do

I started knocking on doors online to find out how to make my art do more.
Along my way, I met many people of different faiths who offered assistance as I wanted my piece to feed the hungry, as Jesus did,
so many years ago, and I think that he would be happy with that.


10% of each sale from these art works on this website goes towards supporting a soup kitchen or food bank of the Buyer’s choice within their own community.

I was appointed Ambassador to Energime University which promotes sustainability practices around the world and on their website – under Ambassadors – you will find me and an article about pollinators, plus the effect of the higher CO2 levels upon them.

One important link if you want to know more about me and my work is here:


60% of proceeds to go to the UN World Food Program – there is information about what I do, my Vatican Accepted piece and my 6-year-old choice, to feed the hungry.

God Bless you all.

John Duncan Hood
Global Goodwill Ambassador



My way

By: Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson

An unexpected journey really did happen- not the Hobbit type of journey but the Rosemary type of journey.

Oddly enough as with Bilbo Baggins, I was also a reluctant participant.
My journey has split my life in two sections- there is my life as it was before my workplace injury and then my life after my injury.

Before injury
Pre-injury I had a very quiet life (not as ordered as a Hobbits life); I had a family, 2 cats and a dog, as well as a back yard chook yard. I sat on school committees and was involved with my children’s sports and basically just living a normal suburban life and building “the dream” the life post children leaving school and before being too old too this too that too something else.

Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson with twin grandsons
Then my workplace injury happened and in less than the blink of an eye life as I knew it came to an end.
I won’t dwell on the incident as to be honest I really don’t need to relive it again.

What I will tell you is that I never experienced such blinding pain and such a toxic feeling of fear. Over the years I have tried to understand it, I have tried to explain it and I have tried to forget it. Now I just live with it in a never-ending dance that is at times frenetic and at other times oddly normal.

After injury
Post injury my life became a living nightmare or fear, addiction to prescription medication, and endless downward spirals.

Decide the path to take
At a point I knew I had to decide the path to take. Let me pause here, path taking is not as easy or as glamorous as it is portrayed to be. There are no signposts, there is no guru there is nothing that appears with a signpost pointing in “that” direction. And in many ways (with the benefit of hindsight) I did not make the choice, it was made for me and I went along as the unwilling reluctant student.

During the first 5 years I met people who had also been injured at work, a pattern started to form, I started to ask questions and I was more than frustrated because the answers I was getting did not match what I was seeing. This is where the choice really does come in. At the point I had two choices: walk away and say “that sucks” or stand and learn and fathom out what the conundrum in front of me really was.
I have never been good at walking away, I knew too much to do that, but I didn’t know enough to make a stand.

There are no university courses that I could sign up for to teach me what I wanted to know and the truth is I didn’t have any idea just what it was that I wanted to know.
I had no idea as to the size or the multitude of issues that I was wading into.
What I did know was there was no going backwards.

Search and live the change
I went to public lectures on anything and everything I could get into- I knew I needed to challenge my own limited thoughts-I went to lectures on carrot farming and to lectures on precision pistons and lectures on medical breakthroughs- I immersed myself in the world of expanding my ability to formulate concepts.
I read (and still do) endlessly- I read white papers from the workers compensation industry, I read Parliamentary inquiries into workers compensation, I read international papers and I read legislation.
I asked questions to everyone around me, I wrote letters and I dug deep- I was looking for “it” without knowing what “it” was.
Then as oddly as the research started, it ended when I understood that what I was looking for was never going to be found within the pages that everyone else had written, what I was looking for was within the intention of the legislation.

It didn’t matter which legislation I read, the intention was always the same- return an injured worker to the best possible of wellness and health and then return them to their community and then to the workplace.

Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson at InterContinental Sydney - Informa Workers Compensation Summit in February 2018 -
Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson at InterContinental Sydney – Informa Workers Compensation Summit in February 2018. She spoke about Craig’s Table. And how we can shift everything for the injured worker community.

Put hope back into lives
Hence, I wrote Craig’s Table.


What Craig’s Table does is provide injured workers (we call them participants) firstly to themselves and to a purpose build community and then to the work place.

It is a whole of person approach, we include the families and the wider community, we include the employers and the workplace families as well the providers to the workers compensation industry.

In essence Craig’s Table is a village (it takes a village to raise a child; it takes a village to heal a person).

This approach is very different to anything else, it is written by an injured worker, it is lead by injured workers, it is for injured workers.

The impact of Craig’s Table needs to be seen to be understood.

In just a few weeks one participant dropped the amount of medication she was taking for depression and has reported that she is sleeping all night for the first time in years.

Another has gone from being angry with the world and not wanting to try anything new to taking on tasks he had never considered.

All that has happened is a doorway to a new environment has been put in place.
Yes there are training programs and real tasks to do that fill the day, but it is more than all of that.
Craig’s Table puts hope back into the lives of people who had hope taken from them.

Still there is much to do.
Craig’s Table now has to roll out over Australia, not just for the injured worker community but for everyone. There is much to plan and work on.

I am open to the idea of introducing this concept in other countries such as the USA.

And I would love to discuss international workers compensation issues with the International Labor Organisation (ILO) in Lucerne!



My hope and Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA)

I hope and be grateful that GGAs will help me.
As everyone knows I write Monday Muses on LinkedIn.

If every GGA just liked Monday Muses it would add to a far wider reach than I can on my own. Thank you so much my friends!

In return I promise I will do my best to support ever other GGAs.
As a group GGAs has the ability to make a huge positive difference in this world.

Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson - Global Goodwill Ambassador - on humanitarian mission within the injured worker community in Australia

Dr. Swati Chakraborty about Holi

India as a pluralist country is celebrating all kind of occasions with its open arms.

“Holi” is the celebration which one can find all over India with equal spirit. It has a special story in the state West Bengal where Kavi Guru Rabindranath Tegore started this occasion as ‘Basanta Utsav’ which literally means the ‘celebration of spring’.

Falgun and Chaitra according to the Bengali calendar is the season of Dol Utsav (Holi). During this season nature shows its own beauty with colorful flowers of Palash, Shimul etc.

This year “Holi” is on 1st March 2018.


Dr Swati Chakraborty - Global Goodwill Ambassadors GGA - is a UNDP volunteer and Director of International Relations and Campaign for the Non-Violence Project Foundation India


Dr. Swati Chakraborty is Assistant Professor of Human Rights in Schoolguru Eduserve Pvt. Ltd. She is an International Fellow of KAICIID at Vienna, Austria. She is also a Director for International Relation and Campaign, NVPF India. Dr. Swati Chakraborty is working for Peace and Conflict resolution with the notion of interreligious and intercultural dialogue.


Greetings from Hyderabad, India – The Pearl city – Ravi Kumar

I thank Richard DiPilla – The GGA Founder and the team for connecting me with the GGA network and I appreciate this commendable initiative which craves for Global peace and understanding.


Ravi Kumar - Global Goodwill Ambassadors GGA - recognized for his extensive educational services for poor and underprivileged children


Located in the heart of peninsular India, our city is also famous for Bangles of Hyderabad.

This city is unique cos of a multi-track Ring Road looking like F1, complemented by an International Airport.

India has a dash of cultural spectrum and the ethnicity and my city reflects same, perfectly.

Leading in the areas of IT, ITES, Pharma, AeroSpace and Biotechnology, people are very friendly, understand and speak English too.

During Holi we experienced a dash of colors splashing across people with no warning. I do not wish you to keep away, but invite the global citizens for that splash spoiling the clothes they wear- Holi, The festival of colors…


[Lyrics by my friend Vanamala in our regional Language Telugu – Holi Song 2018 by Singer Madhu Priya – Vanamala]

India celebrates many festivals with Christians 5%, Muslims 15% and Hindus over 70% of population besides other minorities.

teachers the inspiring force - ravi kumar


I am actively involved in social work and mentor the project English Teachers Club, Hyderabad as a chief sponsor having adopted the project under a registered educational society, PJM Educational Society, in which I am a General Secretary.


welcome back to school - ravi kumar


A school for poor children also had been operating under the society/Trust.


I work for a corporate and I support charity and voluntary initiatives - Ravi Kumar - Global Goodwill Ambassador GGA

Project ETC is part of a CPD [Continuing professional development] initiative and is a TAG [Teacher Activity Group]. English teaching communities network on this platform focused on continuing professional development. The project envisages networking of interior rural teachers with global teachers with the advent of social media like Facebook etc.Clubbing teachers add fun to their professional life with informal meetings including outings. Teachers visiting this country from across the globe felt comfortable in taking the local support of our club too, in the past.

India embraced liberalized economic policy in 90’s which opened floodgates for job opportunities and today youngsters get jobs with minimum qualifications with proficiency in the English Language.

Thus English teaching communities became pivotal to the development and the challenges in their professional pursuit came into focus. Notably teaching communities are known for their low resources and output involving maximum unpaid work hours, especially in the Indian context.

I work for a corporation as a Deputy General Manager and earn my living from which I support such charity/voluntary initiatives and I will be continuing in this work as long as it sustains.

I thank Mr. Richard DiPilla once again for connecting me here and for his highly commendable initiative.

Thank you and I wish all GGA’s a great success under his leadership.

Yours sincerely Ravi Kumar


PORTUGAL Informal caregivers work worth 82 million euros per week!

By: Luìza Palma UN WFGP Ambassador for Peace – Chair GGA Portugal & CPLP


Luiza Palma - Portugal - Global Goodwill Ambassadors - GGA - european chair for gender parity


The beads are both astronomical and silent. In 2016, the Caregivers Portugal Association estimated that the work done by people who have sick relatives in charge, at home, is worth more than 82 million euros per week.

Care is provided both in Portugal and in Europe, especially for women, aged between 45 and 75 years. Most informal caregivers are still in working age, but it is difficult to reconcile these functions at home with work, often compromising the latter.

woman in bed

They also have, on average, low academic qualifications. One year, in Portugal it would be necessary to spend four billion euros – “more precisely 3 951 223 008 euros” – to take care of all these people. Values based on the monthly minimum wage ( 580€)


Farheen Lodhi about child education


we must teach our children compassion instead of hate - Farheen Lodhi - Global Goodwill Ambassador GGA


– – Who are the key figures in raising a child? – –


In our society child education is confined to books only. Moral values, respect for others opinion, humanity can only be taught by the parents. Rather than we expect it at large from teachers.

I have been thinking and feeling for 13 years that it is my mission to work in the education of children.

To educate children morally and academically. Most of “my” children are now grown up and even married and they are passing respect and humanity. Where ever they go and whomsoever they meet.

no matter how we look at it - mother and father pave the way for their child's future - Farheen Lodhi


– – What are the challenges of bringing up children? – –


Character training is not a simple process. To the contrary. The moral education of children in today’s social environment comes with many more diverse challenges than in the past generations.

There are challenges regarding motivation. Why should parents diligently train their children to be kind, considerate and caring when so many other parents are letting these virtues slip by?

There are peer pressure challenges. How should parents respond to friends and relatives who feel “uncomfortable” around children whose “good” and “consistent” behavior challenges the status quo of their own parenting?

The mechanics of moral education also present challenges. How do mothers and fathers actually teach moral truth? How can they make virtues and values meaningful to children? And once taught, how do children acquire the moral initiative needed to follow through on their beliefs?

There are the cultural challenges. Parents must stay vigilant of the many moral inconsistencies confronting children each day.

Some say Hollywood serves up a culture of death, network TV exploits their innocence, and the Internet is sophisticated enough to identify their secret desires and prey on their weaknesses.


— No matter how we look at it. Mother and father pave the way for their child’s future —


In the end, the refinement of a child’s character is largely the product of Mom and Dad’s direct influence. Unless that influence is willfully surrendered to outside forces or sacrificed to life’s busy demands, children will grow up with and reflect the moral lessons of their home life.

It is a simple fact of parenthood — if something is not important to Mom and Dad, it will not spontaneously become important to the child.

Yes, moral education is complex and challenging, and society continues to add more challenges to the mix.

Yet, I am persuaded by the goodness of God that he has not left us without hope or a way to address the challenges.

By intent or neglect, parents are still the greatest influence on their children’s outcomes.

Let’s make this world a better one for and by our children!


Farheen Lodhi - Global Goodwill Ambassadors GGA - Board Director Pakistan



My life story – By Isabel Costa

My name is Isabel, I am 54 years old and I was born in Porto, Portugal. My country is very beautiful with many different landscapes from North to South. Portuguese people are known for their friendly style, their country is praised for wonderful food and beautiful beaches.


Isabel Costa - Global Goodwill Ambassadors - GGA - Director of Nominations and Engagement Portugal and CPLP


As for me, I am the oldest of 3 children in my family and since my childhood, I was very sensitive to injustice, poverty, social issues. When I was 10 years old and being at the hospital after a surgery I felt the presence of God surrounding me as if I would be in a warm cloud, in peace, embracing me deeply.

One early morning as I was watching the rising sun I had that experience with God and my heart calmed down.

My adolescence was troubled with anger by the same issues and at the same time a deep wish of bringing a change to society, otherwise I felt it would not be worth living. I heard many times that there is no true love in the world, money was the wheel of life and that way of thinking of my surroundings was a dream breaker.

So, when I turned 19 years old I became a missionary of an international ecumenical movement and at that time, finally, I felt that there is true love and it comes from God unconditionally to each of us. I lived in Germany, USA, Italy, and South Korea in a religious way of life dedicating 14 years of my youth to serve mankind in this way.

At a certain point, I realized that I could not change the world, first of all, I had to change myself and my perspective. Each human being is going its own road and fighting their battles. My mission is to respect them, accept, and have compassion.

Anyway as I improve my relationship with God and see all beings as divine I am definitely contributing to a better world. Since that time regardless of my external activity, I try to help people to realize that they are here to be the best version of themselves, the divine version.

Most of the times this divine version can only be seen when we go through hardships, that is when we can give our helping hand to others no matter what they do to us, and our compassionate and forgiving heart.

After those years I studied Naturopathy, Hypnotherapy and have been working in these fields through personal coaching, lectures, and workshops.

I wrote 2 books about healthy nutrition, organize Multidisciplinary Congress gathering health professionals from different areas of conventional medicine, naturopaths, nutritionists, therapists and others.

In 2011 I was nominated Ambassador of Peace by the Women’s Federation for World Peace in Spain and has been giving lectures on this topic in Portugal and abroad.

Four years ago I created a Course of Holistic Nutrition which I teach in the Institute of Traditional Medicine with the goal of helping people to reflect upon their choices and consequences not just for their individual health but on the planet level. This course has another special characteristic which is nutrition on every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I am grateful for being part of this wonderful group of GGA and wish deeply that we can work together to create a better society for all - Isabel Costa - Global Goodwill Ambassador

Our bodies are our divine vehicles on this earth, so we have to take care of them on every level. We are spiritual beings living a human experience and God gives us many Masters to learn from and our body is surely one of them as it shows us when we are not in accordance between mind and body.

I work to bring consciousness and awareness of our individual choices and their reflections in society. To bring peace to the world we need to master peace within our heart and mind.

I am very grateful for being part of this wonderful group of GGA and wish deeply that we can work together to create a better society for all.

God bless you all.

Isabel Costa


GGA Rahmattullah Ghamai is author of several books:

  • Investigation of Offender and Crime: A sociology Viewpoint.
  • The investigation of violence: A sociological perspective.

Who is a suicide bomber by Rahmatullah Ghamai



By: Alaha Ahrar

I hate to see hatred
I hate to see everyone faded
I hate not seeing any hope
I hate not being able to cope
I hate to see how people are after each other,
I hate to see most people live in fear
I hate these rockets, bombs, and killings
I hate all these manmade sufferings
And of course, of course
I hate to see children bleeding and dying everywhere
I hate to know there is no safe place for anyone anywhere
I hate not seeing any tearless survivor
I hate not seeing any clean river
I hate not seeing smiles on people’s lips
I hate seeing unwanted immigration and endless trips
Yes and yes!
I hate not seeing any hope
I hate not being able to cope
I hate not seeing enlightenment and education
I hate not seeing humble people in peaceful relations
The terrorists should know they are never clever
because they are killing humans everywhere*
Here is war, there is war and everywhere is war
the wars are getting bloodier and a chore
I hate red for it is the color of blood
Now everywhere is red for red blood is red
Red streets, red gutter, red kennel and red streams,
I hate to know that now even humans are red,

Red heads, red necks, red arms,
and red legs
I hate to see birds no longer can fly
Even rivers and mountains mourn and cry
Mountains are red, rivers are red and trees are red
Therefore, birds are red
Everywhere is red for blood is red
I hate not seeing any hope
I hate not being able to cope
I hate seeing these new political mass murders
I hate seeing the UN not forcing the killers to surrender


Ms. Alaha Ahrar works with many different organizations to help people of different nationalities, tongues, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, color and people with disabilities in the United States and overseas.

She graduated from University of Mary Washington in May 2012 with triple majors and one certificate on time in four years. Alaha Ahrar’s majors are Political Science, International Affairs, and Human Rights.


- Alaha Ahrar -


Currently, Ms. Ahrar works full-time as Community Development Advocate– FACETS for the Education and Community Development Program, a US organization in Virginia, which helps people in need and breaks the cycle of poverty.

Furthermore, she is one of the Board of Directors for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project (AWWP), and the Directors of International World Poetry, Canada. .

In addition to the above-mentioned jobs and responsibilities Ms. Ahrar is an active member of National Association of Professional Women and also she is the US reporter and Journalist of Banu Magazine in European Union Countries. Meanwhile, she pursues her Master’s degree in Social Justice and Human Rights at George Mason University right now.

Alaha Ahrar is multilingual. She has had numerous certificates and appreciation letters, such as, Appreciate of Kindness (Big Heart) 2016 from FACETS, Fairfax, VA; Certificate of Appreciation in 2013 from Diplomatic Language Services (DLS), Arlington, Virginia; Certificate of Recognition in 2012 from the Embassy of Afghanistan, Washington DC; and Certificate of Excellence and Dedication in 2012 from the Initiative to Educate Afghan Women, USA.

Alaha Ahrar is a poet and writer as well. She was awarded the “Best Poet of the Year 2011 for Afghanistan and the United States” in Canada. She was also appointed as the Ambassador of Youth and Peace for Afghanistan in 2011.


Abdul Asill Azizi – Global Goodwill Ambassador GGA – about the history and situation of his beloved country Afghanistan and his definition of helping others.


Abdul Asill Azizi - Global Goodwill Ambassador GGA - about the history and situation of his beloved country Afghanistan and his definition of helping others


To Global Goodwill Ambassadors and To Founder GGAs Richard Dipilla

I am Barbara Everett Heintz, and I treasure belonging to the initiative Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA). I was so delighted when Richard invited me to share my writing in March’s newsletter, for he’s caused me to look within and to share my gifts with all of you.

My book, “Pinkhoneysuckle”, available through Amazon has touched many lives, for though I have the repertoire of a person raised in privilege — that is not the case, for all that I’ve ever achieved has come with the stress an Appalachian and Bible Belt woman has faced.

Pinkhoneysuckle - Barbara Everett Heintz

Pinkhoneysuckle by Barbara Everett Heintz on Amazon.com

Who among you even knows about, “The Appalachian Trail,” and why should you care?

Were we not just a bunch of coal miner’s daughters, the ones seeking marriage before school was out?

The answer is a large, “No”, for the lower third where I’m from held the last of the boys and men who loved and prospered on their land of cotton and tobacco bases but soon they would realize their beloved General on the battlefield would soon see the Farm and Bible Belt as the easiest group of workers Washington could dispense to the north where factories could not keep up with the demand for cars new appliances and the little houses being bought up by everyone except for farm hands.

Barbara Heintz

Those home from war were called up again, the agrarian Appalachians to go north as base crops were cut to starvation. A whole population of people had never heard of a diaspora, were loading up their belongings, and we children and mothers were left to keep going. It was a population larger than the dust bowl. Night stars, the faces of the moon, and our peace disappeared from our father’s view. I promised that I’d tell the story, and I hope to meet others such as I on, “Global Goodwill Ambassadors” …

My childhood writing appeared in, “The Nashville Banner,” and all teachers wanted me to seek a path in journalism. This hidden girl got poetry published in National High School Anthologies each year before graduation, but I seek not to brag but to share my voice.

Thank you so much Richard and Hans-Jürgen.

For the rest of their lives, I would seek to make my parents proud, and, “Pinkhoneysuckle”, is the first book to tell the story of the women and children who were raised as servants in, “The Bible Belt”, faced even angrier men who came home as our heroes. I write and I speak for these women and children, for I was one, and not until I won the first place in Hollywood, and an award in San Francisco for my writing did I realize that I could make changes with my writing.

My Santa Monica son will not share the book with his Santa Monica neighbor who was born to a famous show business father and mother. She knows show business, and is an advocate for women and children, but I think my son does not wish for his mother’s story to be cast in the light of his own life, but I’m accustomed to going in to battle for a book which many of you have compared to Steinbeck’s, “Grapes of Wrath”, and even more often similar to tales of William Faulkner.

Barbara Everett Heintz

I had little to offer to, “Global Goodwill Ambassadors,” but I’d already spoken for Bible Belt through my own book, “Pinkhoneysuckle”, and Richard already knew that I’d been mentor and friend to a young man wishing to improve his English, and after 6 years we are still communicating.

I have reviewed books at no cost, and so often I am asked questions about self-publishing – the truth of what happens with books over time, and I even write opinions to pharmaceuticals sharing my voice and hopes showing that we consumers actually pay attention and do read about the pros and cons of advances in care when it seems appropriate.

I ask fellow Ambassadors to feel pride and to know that not one of us is without the simple gift of, “Self”. It just takes looking within to open your own gifts.

Bless you,


Hello ladies and gentlemen! My name is Sanja Arsenovic

I am a 40 years old lady from Serbia, from a small town called Loznica.
I adore my family and I love my parents, sister Rosa and my niece Teodora.
I am happily married, dear Lord has given me the best man, to call my friend / and owner of my heart – my husband Dusko.


Sanja Arsenovic Poet from Serbia


God has given us two hands: one to give, second to receive.
We are all humanitarians, in our own ways:
My way is reaching out, to all the aching souls out there, with my poems
God bless us all!

The first poem is called: Goodwill
The second poem is called: Prayer


Small town lady, was born to hold dreams:
showing grace, to everyone – as part of human race.
Sorrow, that occupied – so many aching souls…
Anger, and rage out there – that erased the space:
for love, we are blessed by – for a helping hand…
For unique, and special – that will understand…
Good Will Ambassadors – were brought to this world:
to bring joy, and happiness – no one ever heard…
To help: “wounded” families – arise from the ground…
To help, silent whisper – becomes a big sound…
To help, hungry one’s – or those, without a home…
World, is our family – so, you’re not alone…
To help, all the refugees – mother, that lost the child…
We are all, the followers – chosen, the right guide…
To embrace, the goodness – protect destroyed land…
We are here, and now – time stops, as we STAND:
Rhapsody of empathy – let’s all reunite…
Wars, just have to stop- and all sorts of fight…
Killings aren’t forgiven – God, has given love:
who gives us, the right – changing rules above?

Neglecting the Earth – spoiling all her’s worth…
Impossible mission – or, possible vision?
Small town lady, here – talking with a low voice:
I know, there is a chance – we’ve been given choice…
I am here, to help – words, follow my step:
Heaven of existence – Hell, can’t make the trap…
God is love, my friend – we are all, God’s children:
Time, to stop destruction – then, we’ll be: forgiven…
I am proud, to live – I have chosen good:
If u had, a chance: I know, you too – would…
Meaning of my name is woman of the dreams:
Sanja wants the Paradise – that we just can’t miss…
Let us heal the world – make it, a better place…
Let’s all, bring the magic – catch her’s: shiny trace…
Stars, do live within – let us stop the dark…
Doing deeds, for others – let us make the mark…
We are all: survivors – Earth, needs us the most…
We’re not, empty shells – you are not: the ghost…
GOODWILL, in your lives- I see that, in your eyes:
We all have: forever- future, in us lies

Written by:
Sanja Arsenovic ⭐

Sanja Arsenovic


Where does, beauty resides?- I want to, beautify life…
Where is, devotion hidden?- Don’t hide: it’s forbidden..
Why can’t I find – that sacred space?
In my dreams- I’ve found it’s sparkle trace…
Where can I seek for – feelings sublime?
Revelation we need – dear God of mine…

I want to tell you – in the name of all…
How magnificent, and divine- is your role…
Some lives, are ruined- but, accepting your will…
Some doubt you- thinking: you’re not real..
Some walk in dark- with an open heart…
With hope, you’ll protect, and be their guard…
Some have it all- but lost: their vitality…
Thinking- all they’ve done, was just futility…
Some pray, for health- afraid cos they “melt”…

Do you see, how we are eager: to find…
Peace, in ourselves- in our souls and mind…
Our days, are filled- with anticipation…
Deep, in our hearts- we show appreciation…
We are praying- dear Lord: gives us, your love…
Today- I am praying: to Heaven above

Written by:
Sanja Arsenovic ⭐



Hello World! I am Senior Pastor Amanat Masih from Pakistan.

Global Goodwill Ambassdors worldwide is great and by its Founder Richard DiPilla is a wonderful initiative. We hope and pray for your attention.


Pastor Amanat - Global Goodwill Ambassador


I hope that everything is turning in a mood to let us know that we are in a season of love, peace and in the season of feeling the warmth of God in us!

I wish to greet the seasons with you from hopes Christian children of Pakistan (Ministry work) and all of Angels and team and our church fellows.

We also want to come up with a request during this winter season. For many years we had not been able to and please do seed into hopes – Christian children of Pakistan – for these dear ones!

I assure you that it would be a great blessing. Prayers and Peace Blessings to you, your family, friends and all of yours! Yours in Him, Senior Pastor Amanat Masih.

Greeting in Christ… God loves the poor and rich equally and his love is faithful and his promises always fulfill with Yes…

Glory our savior Jesus Christ who choose me for compassion care international to reach the unreached area … here is leg broken man who is in bed last two years and there two kids begging in street only for eating food…


Pastor Amanat helping the needy


I cry when I see them in this condition… Holly spirit please speak with me.

You will do give this needy to operate and he survives and earns a living for his kids… His wife left him and kids and married to another man …

I feel very sad and worried about it. God speak with me.

I am with you and him … thanks to the Lord for hope and encouragement… because in God’s eye not matters poor or rich.

He loves the whole world equally and his mighty hand is always equal to poor and rich.

So I request to save this person’s life.

In this bad situation, he needs $700 for operation and new bone will attach his hip and then he will able to walk …

God’s eye does not matter big or little love gift for him … he knows the heart of givers … please concentrate on this and contact us …

sunadventureministries@gmail.com and cell +3483034889

Your Brother in Christ Senior Pastor Amanat
Sun Adventure Ministries and Prayer Center for all Nations of Pakistan


This is Jaimin Shah from Gujarat, India.

I am the part of GGA. I am working with reliance industries limited. I am also part of LinkedIn chat group which is created by Richard.

Jaimin Shah - Global Goodwill Ambassador India - helps children from orphan homes

Please find herewith attached some photos for the upcoming newsletter.

I donated 100 nos of Toothbrush, 100 nos of Toothpaste, 100 Nos of Bathing Soap, 100 nos of Washing Soap & 100 nos of talcum powder at Orphan Home in Surat.

I have also organized dinner for 100 nos of orphan children.

If you feel this may be published in upcoming newsletter then you can publish it. Feel free to ask me anything.

India orphan house depends on donations

How many children live there?
About 100 children.

What are their living conditions?

Living conditions are not good. Even sometimes if the orphan home doesn’t have the money then all children stay hungry. I mean to say they need the donor for every day. I heard that if they don’t find the donor for one day then children will eat only once a day.

Are there more Orphan Homes there?

Yes. There are lots of orphan homes in Gujarat, India.

Jaimin Shah

Jaimin Shah


Is the Orphan Home run by the government or by a non-profit or by private people?

This is run by an NGO

If people want to donate they need to know where the Orphan Home is?
Yes. This is situated in Surat, Gujarat, India.


orphan house feeding kids


We all love stories!

Please, if possible tell us more about your caring for others.

How did you get the idea to help?

My Mom is breast cancer patient & my dad is heart patient. My dad strongly believes in giving happiness to others. So I learn from him to donate in orphan homes. My birthday is 18th April 1982 – my Moms and Dads anniversary is on 17th February.

On my every birthday I went to orphan homes & celebrate my birthday with orphan homes children by giving them these type of gifts. And on my parents anniversary I went to old age home & donate one day lunch & dinner.

I am doing this for last 5 years.

Did you donate to them in the past, too?

Do the children have the possibility to get an education there?

Orphan homes itself provide education to the children.


Spiritual Veda

Dear Richard,

Thank you for sharing the kindness, until human learn to drop I, Me or Mine, and wear Our, Us or We, the world will always face challenges to sustain humanity.

Like rose, which even being surrounded by thorns doesn’t forget to share its beauty and fragrance to the world around, more the thorns more beauty he resonates, similarly we human, no matter how cruel the world turns, but there are always roses, sharing their love and care, change is happening, and happening for good, its a transition phase, where gradual change is happening, humans are becoming aware of humanity, sooner or later, everyone realizes.

Angel in Blue

The wrong doesn’t go far, while right always flourish, rewind the life and witness the history, every wrong has been lost in time, while goodness always prevails.

Our purpose is to seed the plant of love and care, whether we exist or not, that plant will share its fruits and shade to millions.

Please allow me to share a small story with you, an ancient Sufi story:

The King of Bhagdad used to go around the city on his beautiful horse, just to see how things were going — of course in disguise, not as the king — so that he could see reality as it is. If he went to as king, then he could not see everything that was beautiful and he would not be shown the real face — he would have to see only the mask.

Every day he saw a man, a very old man, must be more than one hundred years, working in the garden, putting in small plants, but those small plants were not seasonal flowers.

If they were seasonal flowers there would be no question at all.

Those were the plants of the cedars of Lebanon, which grow one hundred feet, two hundred feet high, just almost touching the stars and they take hundreds of years to grow to that height. They live one thousand years, two thousand years, three thousand years and they are some of the most beautiful trees.

The king was puzzled because this old man, who is one hundred years, cannot even hope to see the next spring. His hands are shaking; he is so fragile, any moment death may take him away. And why is he planting these cedars? He will never be able to see them grow, to see them come of age, to see their beauty when they start touching the stars.

Finally, it was impossible for the king to resist the temptation. He stopped his horse one day and went to the old man and said, “I should not interfere in your work, but I cannot resist the temptation.”

The old man said, “There is nothing to worry about, my son. You can ask anything you want.”

The king said, “My question is, you will never be able to see these trees come of age; you will be gone long before that…”

The old man said, “That’s true.”

The king said, “You know that’s true and still you go on doing it?”

The old man said, “If my forefathers had not planted the seeds — just see on the other side of my garden those tall Lebanon cedars — I would have never seen them.

If my forefathers were so generous about the children with whom they are not yet acquainted, who will be coming, who will be the visitor, who will be the guest….

Still, they worked hard and they created those monumental trees. Looking at those trees I gather courage and work hard because certainly I will not be able to see the beautiful growth but somebody will.

There are Angels among us

My children’s children, or perhaps even their children, will be able to see when they come to their full glory. It is enough that I am not betraying my forefathers.

If they could trust in the future, in the unknown guest, I can also trust.”

Lotus doesn’t see where he is blossoming, he still blossoms irrespective of surroundings, some praise his beauty, some use it to offer to God and some admire,

Stay blessed,
Spiritual Veda


Goodwill is expanding …
new Global Goodwill Ambassadors
in March 2018   –   2/10/2018 to 3/10/2018

Goodwill is expanding ... new Global Goodwill Ambassadors in March 2018


Name Role and Location
Luiza Palmer Chair ~ Portugal and CPLP
Khalid Belhabib Director of Nominations and Engagement – USA
MS SUCHI Chair ~ Singapore & S.E. Asia
Barbara Josefina Taylor Galindo Director of Nominations & Engagement ~ Guatemala
Mursal Mahboobi Kakar Co-Chair ~ Afghanistan
Farid Ahmadi Co-Chair ~ Afghanistan
Dr. Laura Stephanie Toledo Nudding Director of Nominations & Engagement ~ Mexico
Paul Conway Director of Nomination & Engagement ~ Wales
S.T. Wilkison Director of Nominations & Engagement ~ Singapore & S.E. Asia
Mohamed Abd-Elmoniem Director of Nominations & Engagement ~ Italy
Paul Conway Director of Nominatinos & Engagement ~ Wales
Sandra Adaobi Achusim Director of Nominations & Engagement ~ Nigeria
Daniela Capdepon MD Chair ~ Argentia
Chrissy Sykes Director of Nominations & Engagement ~ England
KODOU JENG Director of Nominations & Engagement ~ Gambia
Kelly (Kelleen) McIntyre Director of Nominations & Engagement ~ Scotland
Claude Ribaux Assistant, Director of Digital Communications, GGA~Global
Beatrice Ribaux Assistant, Director of Digital Communications, GGA~Global
Nejma K.D. Director of Nominations & Engagement ~ Switzerland
H. Robert de Kruyff Director of Nominations & Engagement ~ Indonesia & S.E. Asia
Isabel Costa Director of Nominations & Engagement ~ Portugal & CPLP
March Newsletter 2/10/2018 to 3/10/2018
Name Country/Location Role
Abdul Asill Azizi Afghanistan GGA
Abdul Ghaffar Nazari Afghanistan GGA
Asad Ziar Afghanistan GGA
Attaullah Seyal Afghanistan GGA
Faisal Nazarkhel Afghanistan GGA
Hamdullah Hamdard Afghanistan GGA
Khalid Ahmady Afghanistan GGA
Nargis Rahimi Afghanistan GGA
Rahmat Rafee Afghanistan GGA
Shafiullah Afzali Afghanistan GGA
Sultana Daliri Afghanistan GGA
Tamimullah Akbari Afghanistan GGA
Zubair Ahmad Khugyani Afghanistan GGA
Valentine Gonsalves Australia GGA
Maruf Hossen Bangladesh GGA
Ross Duncan Belfast, Northern Ireland GGA
Barbara Oliveria Brazil GGA
Andrea B Donnard Brazil GGA
Bailey Parnell Canada GGA
Daisy Wright Canada GGA
David Tye Canada GGA
Duane Hewson Canada GGA
Hu Man Canada GGA
Jerome Bouvier Canada GGA
Jessica Robinson Canada GGA
Judith Hewko Canada GGA
Lamyaa Abdellateef Canada GGA
Len Fehr Canada GGA
Lisa Ground Canada GGA
Masia Nabie Canada GGA
Neelam Advani Canada GGA
Ryan Latchman Canada GGA
Shruti Sethi Canada GGA
Winnie Linker Canada GGA
Gabriel Tellez Cuba GGA
Abdul Qaylum Democratic Republic of the Congo GGA
Christina Gabbitas England GGA
Mark Brackenbury England GGA
Nicola Philbin England GGA
Washington Ali England GGA
Juliane Hoss Germany GGA
Stefka Krastonova Forester Germany GGA
Vicky KLIMI Greece GGA
Sayed Bilal Ahmed Fatimi Harrow, United Kingdom GGA
Nick Hocart Hong Kong GGA
Balvinder Singh (Saini) India GGA
Deepak Malhotra India GGA
Dhruti Pithava India GGA
Dr John Varughese India GGA
Dr. Mohammed Masood India GGA
Dr. Praveen Singh D. Litt India GGA
Dr. Sunil Sanon, MD India GGA
Dr. Swati Chakraborty India GGA
Kaustubh Karwe India GGA
Krupal Jawanjal India GGA
Mahendra Padhy India GGA
Manya Kaushik India GGA
Mohammad Fahed India GGA
Nadig Subbanna Ravishankar India GGA
Ravi Kumar India GGA
Roma Sahni India GGA
Soniya Jetwani India GGA
Suveen Kumar India GGA
Vani Bhambri Arora India GGA
H. Robert de Kruyff Indonesia GGA
Ahmad Shabanifard Iran GGA
Davood Nazary Iran GGA
Gabriele G. Marchionna Italy GGA
Vincenzo Niccoli Italy GGA
Ayuma Michelle Kenya GGA
Dr. Nadia Cheaib Lebanon GGA
Aina Khan London GGA
Marta Balint London GGA
Dr. Diahanne Rhiney BCAe London GGA
James Beltran Maylasia GGA
Achenyo (Ache) Idachaba Nigeria GGA
Leonard Romanus Nigeria GGA
Mandy Olowu (FIIM) Nigeria GGA
Moses Plangkat Nigeria GGA
Sandra Adaobi Achusim Nigeria GGA
Abdul Basit Khan Pakistan GGA
Asiya Mughal Pakistan GGA
Farwa Akhlaq Pakistan GGA
Hira Anum Pakistan GGA
Rahid Mir Pakistan GGA
Saleem Bokhari Pakistan GGA
Tufail Muhammed Pakistan GGA
Pastor Jamil Salik Pakistan GGA
Shoaib Rasheed Pakistan GGA
Rafeek (Ismail) El-madhoun Palestine GGA
Elske Bijpost Portugal GGA
Isabel Costa Portugal GGA
Joseph Dalton Republic of Ireland GGA
Keren Jackson Republic of Ireland GGA
Will Holden Republic of Ireland GGA
Catherine Eadie Scotland GGA
Jennifer Reston Scotland GGA
Louise Speedie Scotland GGA
Luiza Ambarus Scotland GGA
Paul Okroj Scotland GGA
Rob Dixon Scotland GGA
Edmund Khong Singapore GGA
Fateh Ali Singapore GGA
Kartika Adiwilaga Singapore GGA
Rahul Shah Singapore GGA
Ram N Dubey Singapore GGA
Rayson Choo Singapore GGA
Anne Githuku-Shongwe South Africa GGA
ntanga muambadzi South Africa GGA
Olwethu Leshabane South Africa GGA
Ismael Dorado Urbistondo Spain GGA
Mayte Corman Spain GGA
Bert Evers Switzerland GGA
Joud Mushaweh Turkey GGA
Anita Tiwari UAE GGA
Shereen Khalil UAE GGA
Abe Schwartz USA GGA
Alaha Ahrar USA GGA
Alifah Achmad USA GGA
Amy Deddeh USA GGA
Anisha Lamba USA GGA
Asiya Jamillah Nasir (Jessica Ballew) USA GGA
Astrid Gamez USA GGA
Atul Badwal USA GGA
Barbara Heitz USA GGA
Bruce Thoompson USA GGA
Carol Farabee USA GGA
Casey Crawford USA GGA
Chauncy Richard USA GGA
Corina Kuhn USA GGA
Deborah Stovall USA GGA
Devendramanni Kanithi USA GGA
Dr. Deborah Ozment USA GGA
Faythe Elizabeth Brunk USA GGA
Franky Stevenson USA GGA
George Lindenfeld USA GGA
George Wake USA GGA
Hafeeza Nadina Khan USA GGA
Hiram Figueroa USA GGA
Holly Ann Walker USA GGA
James Towe USA GGA
Jaya Kamlani USA GGA
Juel McQueen USA GGA
Kevin Parrish USA GGA
Kyra Lizardo USA GGA
Laurie Hickey USA GGA
Make’da Fatou Na’eem USA GGA
Marlena Ronne USA GGA
Maureen Dahl USA GGA
Mercy Hernandez USA GGA
Mihaela Jachelina Dajka USA GGA
Moria Rooney USA GGA
Precious Allen USA GGA
Ron Taylor USA GGA
Sana Amin USA GGA
Sayuj Shah USA GGA
Terry Neese USA GGA
Tina Haire USA GGA
Tracey Nazarenus USA GGA
Yasmine Sherif USA GGA
Geraint Roberts Wales GGA
Paul Conway Wales GGA


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