A lucky boy by Rosanna Bonci

Rosanna Bonci -chair Italy Global Goodwill Ambassadors

Rosanna Bonci – A lucky boy

I’m a lucky boy. Sure I am. Because as a ten-year-old, I’m allowed to travel to Europe! Happy and grateful I am, on the Lungotevere of Rome, the eternal city.

Today is a special day, March 20th, the start of spring. Dad and mom have organized a unique event: we are going to spend the day at the Orto Botanico. We walk along the Tiber river, smelling the Platani’s bunches and watching the water running toward the Mediterranean sea.

The way turns inwards, we step on the typical ancient Roman alley, made of sampietrini – cobblestones. We cross Trastevere, I take some pictures of some ancient building with lights hanging on its walls. Because of my passion for photography, I’m used to seeing those details.

In front of us suddenly is Largo Cristina di Svezia, 24; the gate is open, we enter the Orto Botanico. A fresh smell enters my nose, it must be mint.

Mom is reading a guide. She tells us we are in the Villa Corsini garden and today is the Equinox, which means it is the day of the year when daylight and night are equally long. In honor of the equinox, I take a picture of my parents near the rosemary bush.

As I turn around attracted by some happy voices laughing out loud, I see a group of maybe fifteen youngs in my age coming our way. Mom keeps telling the story. The Villa Corsini garden is 500 years old and it used to be the Vatican ‘Giardino dei semplici’, meaning simple people garden of medicinal plants. The kids pass by, they are loud, mom’s voice seems mute and I can only read her lips!

I learn there are three thousand plants in the garden. I take pictures in a sequence so that I can choose the best later on. Basilic, sage, pepper and many other spices catch my attention from far, they smell fresh and spicy!

As I look into my camera I suddenly see a pair of binoculars in front of a face with long hair, held up by three white thin fingers on each side. She can see my eyeballs from there, she is close enough and looking straight at me, I can tell.

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Richard DiPilla honored Ambassador of Peace

I founded Global Goodwill Ambassadors to honor people who provide humanitarian aid.
I am all the more astonished that I have now been honored myself.

– Richard DiPilla

International reputed think tank Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD announced renowned humanitarian and Peace Activist Honorable Mr. Richard DiPilla (USA) Founder Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) as new Ambassador of Peace.


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Zubair Ahmad Khugyani about human rights situation in Afghanistan

Zubair Ahmad Khugyani contributes to the March Newsletter of Global Goodwill Ambassadors:
Good Morning Sir Richard. Hope you are doing well. This is Zubair Ahmad from Afghanistan. We are proud of you and see that you are working for peace and humanity globally.


Zubair Ahmad Khugyani is a humanitarian working for Human Rights and a peaceful Afghanistan - Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA)
Afghanistan concerning Girls Education, Democracy & Human Rights:

Afghanistan is a country that has suffered greatly and that after more than 30 years of war and conflict is characterized by deep poverty.

In recent decades Afghanistan has been hit by a series of wars. Since the fall of the communist regime in 1992, the country has been ruled by brutal warlords and the Taliban and bombed by the US and its allies.

The war is still part of everyday life. The number of civilian casualties has increased considerably in recent years. 2017 saw a 30 percent increase compared with 2015 & 2016.

Afghanistan is described as one of the most corrupt countries in the world and corruption is prevalent at all levels of society.

The human rights situation has improved markedly after the fall of the Taliban and the anarchy of the 1990s, especially when it comes to women’s and girls’ rights.

International Girls and Children days - very year we are taking Orphan girls and children from Orphanage house in Kabul - Photographer - Abid Ahmad - Zubair Ahmad Khugyani - GGA
However, there could be setbacks due to the aggravated conflict, the presence of warlords in political life, and the inability of the rulers to meet basic human rights.

The judicial system is weak with a limited range. Patriarchal customs and structures mean that women and girls are not seen as full citizens.

The widespread violence against women and girls is a fundamental obstacle to development in Afghanistan.

Nearly seven out of ten Afghans are under 25 years of age and the literacy rate is very low, particularly among women. The education system suffers from major shortcomings, particularly in terms of availability of trained teachers, classrooms, and textbooks.


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Number of Subscribers

Johntext ADMIN

News from the Johntext ADMIN:

Johntext United Kingdom has 3391 subscribers today.

Thanks so much to all fans and supporters! Unfortunately the counter of the plugin only counts new subscribers….

Hans-Jürgen John ist Hans John (@rafaelofirst) auf Twitter und Hans.John.16 auf Facebook. Hans bloggt auf www.johntext.de und www.tage-bau.de

Laura Lamarca Serves As Country Manager United Kingdom

After half a year of successful writing on Johntext UK, I am proud to present Laura Lamarca as country manager.


5640_103350434641_6932997_n 2

My experiences with Laura have led me to believe she’s a person full of energy and compassion, and she is motivated and able to help others by her articles.

Hans-Jürgen John

Laura Lamarca / Great Britain / Joins The Johntext Team

A New Year And A New Author!

I am proud, happy and overwhelmed by the pleasure to present the author for Johntext Great Britain: Laura Lamarca

5640_103350434641_6932997_n 2

Laura Lamarca will start with the NEW YEAR 2013 reporting and commenting about what she thinks is interesting, actual, beautiful, problematic or entertaining in her native country.

Laura Lamarca started writing poetry before and after the death of her husband.  This book, titled “From The Heart” was published in 2004 by rosedogbooks and written for her children.

I feel and think that Laura is a person full of energy and goodwill and is able to help others by her poetic work. Thats the real purpose of Johntext – literature with purpose to help. But read what she writes about her future plans:

“I dream one day of going to Africa to help in any way I can to improve the lives of innocent children who are suffering daily and hope to raise my poetic and creative voice to lead others. Any profits made from my writings will eventually go to feed those who can’t feed themselves.”

I have nothing to add. I am so glad and proud having found an author with the ability and possibility to feel the problems and the hunger and the pain in human beings without resigning but trying to find ways out of the darkness of the lasting problems of unlucky and by circumstances discriminated persons.

© 2013 Hans-Jürgen John

Anthony Cataldo – good friend


Anthony in Ladakh

You can find and buy some of his photos made in India on:


I first met Anthony in Ulm/ Germany. As far as I can remember it was around christmas time in 2003.

He begged for money in the street. He was reading a book. I thought: Oh who is this guy here sitting on the street…

I learned: Anthony comes every year to Ulm the month before and after christmas. He is living on the street for decades. I did not want to give him money for nothing like men do to beggars. He started correcting articles written by me in my bad English for this website.

We met several times in the past years. I even visited him in Great Britain / Bath once.

So if you come to Ulm / Germany for example visiting the famous christmas market do not forget him and perhaps you give him a little money. His fate can be yours…

Hans-Jürgen John

John P. Matthew Country Manager Johntext India

After short period of vocational adjustment John P. Matthew from Mumbai / India is in charge of the English edition of the website Johntext  in India – india.johntext.de .

John P. Matthew is author and businessman –  a composition which is rare.

In critical and empathic articles he describes the situation of his fellow men in India. He will make proposals to change and improve the living conditions.

© 2012 Hans-Jürgen John

India and its author John P. Matthew by Hans-Jürgen John

My door in these days to India is Mumbai. So I travelled from Germany/Switzerland to India, last week. I saw and I visited Mumbai. The kindness of its inhabitants is sufficient for me to know and to understand that Indians are a friendly people. Friendly to foreigners, friendly to its great past and future of its children, open-minded and with spiritual disposition.

I suppose there are thousands of authors and writers in Mumbai. Fate helped me to find one out of thousands.

About a year ago I tried to find out if `johnart` is already registered as a trademark. I clicked through the pages of Google`s world. Then I found the page of John P. Matthew, author and poet. We wrote to each other. Now, finally, I managed to visit him in Mumbai.


I found an author who is sensitive, who sees Indian problems, its wonderful people and its possibilities and we became friends. We installed the Indian flag on Johntext.de … and now he is ready to write for Johntext about India.

© 2012 Hans-Jürgen John