Interview with Michael Dickel

Interview with Michael Dickel   I am fortunate enough to be able to call the writer, poet, educator, artist and musician, Michael Dickel, “friend”. Yet while we’ve shared an equality through creative writing and also as human beings, I’ve never really delved into the life and journey of that friend…until now.   Michael has a … Read more

Just When You Thought I’d Vanished…

  Up I pop with not very much to say, in honesty. It’s been a while since I wrote here…not because I’ve ceased to have an opinion, nor because I don’t feel my voice has any importance, but because I’m taking time to observe the world and its people around me.  I’ve also been rather … Read more

The Potential Costs of Farting in Public…

  “Totally Insane” would adequately describe the Tory government and its legislative proposals.  I’m astounded at what I’ve just read – that farting in a public place can be considered as an “annoyance” and thus, under potentially new measures, can be deemed punishable under the new replacement for the dreaded ASBO, the IPNA (Injunctions to … Read more

Press Release: A Toynbee to Remember by Joy Travers

Joy Travers tells the story of WWI Toynbee family through their own letters Author announces release of ‘A Toynbee to Remember’ BRIGHTON, England – In “A Toynbee to Remember” (published by AuthorHouse), Joy Travers’ new book, readers take a look into the lives of the Toynbee family during WWI, exploring their involvement with the Christian … Read more

They’re at it again!!

  Remember the row over the Iraq war? How we swore blind that we, as the people, wanted no part in it? And still, the then Prime minister Tony Blair stroked US ass and entered into an illegal war anyway? Remember all of that bad press afterwards and the leaders that went unpunished for their … Read more

Credit Unions – The Trusted Alternative to Banking

  What is a Credit Union? A Credit Union is a not-for-profit community savings and loans co-operative run by the community for the community, where people put their money/savings in so they can be lent to others.  There are approximately 450 Credit Unions across the UK.   What is a co-operative? A co-operative is basically … Read more

Cats by City Youth Theatre, Brighton: A Review

TOM – The Old Market Theatre, Hove. Tuesday 11th – Saturday 15th June 2013 Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber based on “Old Possum’s Book Of Practical Cats” by T.S. Elliott.   A young, talented and energetic cast used all the space of a very well put-together set of “Alley cat” junk and street objects, by … Read more

The Story of George Rolph. (part iv)

DAY 23: FROM GEORGE ROLPH – A STATEMENT OF REASONABLE DEMANDS AND A FURTHER CALL TO ACTION. Posted on 12th June 2013 – Day 23 of George’s Hunger Strike George’s FB page:   A STATEMENT OF REASONABLE DEMANDS AND A FURTHER CALL TO ACTION.   George Rolph 14 hours ago   “When I first began … Read more

Interview with George Rolph.

Hunger strike: Day 20.   Q.  Firstly and most importantly, how are you feeling both physically and mentally? A.  I actually feel very good right now. I am clear headed, in no pain at all and as determined to finish this as the day I started.   Q. For those amongst us who are still … Read more

The Story of George Rolph. (Part iii)

  I’ve spent the past few days wondering how George is. Today I visited his new Facebook page and read the following update: “Hunger strike: Day 18. Health Report And Other News. John 15:13. June 7th 2013. I want to begin by warning people NOT to copy me and to begin your own hunger strike. … Read more