Just When You Thought I’d Vanished…

  Up I pop with not very much to say, in honesty. It’s been a while since I wrote here…not because I’ve ceased to have an opinion, nor because I don’t feel my voice has any importance, but because I’m taking time to observe the world and its people around me.  I’ve also been rather … Read more

Press Release: A Toynbee to Remember by Joy Travers

Joy Travers tells the story of WWI Toynbee family through their own letters Author announces release of ‘A Toynbee to Remember’ BRIGHTON, England – In “A Toynbee to Remember” (published by AuthorHouse), Joy Travers’ new book, readers take a look into the lives of the Toynbee family during WWI, exploring their involvement with the Christian … Read more

Laura Lamarca Serves As Country Manager United Kingdom

After half a year of successful writing on Johntext UK, I am proud to present Laura Lamarca as country manager.   My experiences with Laura have led me to believe she’s a person full of energy and compassion, and she is motivated and able to help others by her articles. Hans-Jürgen John

Free Events in the UK

With all of the doom and gloom going on around us, it’s important we balance the depressive with equal amounts of enjoyment and based upon the fact we’re all now having to tighten the purse strings, I thought I’d scour the net for a few FREE upcoming events all around the UK.     1000 … Read more


Police have charged a Berkshire man for the daylight killing of teenager Keiran Crump Raiswell on a Manchester street on 16th January 2013. Raiswell died after being stabbed at a bus stop. There are incidents like this happening frequently in the UK, some get reported in the media, whilst others don’t…I believe that all murders … Read more

Anthony Cataldo – good friend

Anthony in Ladakh You can find and buy some of his photos made in India on: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nomad_afc I first met Anthony in Ulm/ Germany. As far as I can remember it was around christmas time in 2003. He begged for money in the street. He was reading a book. I thought: Oh who is this … Read more

India and its author John P. Matthew by Hans-Jürgen John

My door in these days to India is Mumbai. So I travelled from Germany/Switzerland to India, last week. I saw and I visited Mumbai. The kindness of its inhabitants is sufficient for me to know and to understand that Indians are a friendly people. Friendly to foreigners, friendly to its great past and future of … Read more

Johntext News by H.-J. John

Oh, how motivated I was! And I still am. However, my perspective on writing at Johntext is now more realistic. The more we deal with problems and search for possible solutions, the more varied and multifaceted the matter becomes. It is as if we were faced with a mountain to climb, then climb it, and … Read more