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Press Release: A Toynbee to Remember by Joy Travers

Joy Travers tells the story of WWI Toynbee family through their own letters

Author announces release of ‘A Toynbee to Remember’

BRIGHTON, England – In “A Toynbee to Remember” (published by AuthorHouse), Joy Travers’ new book, readers take a look into the lives of the Toynbee family during WWI, exploring their involvement with the Christian Brotherhood movement, the political problems they encountered and their unique perspective on the war.


Travers spent many years researching 500 Toynbee family letters sent between the United Kingdom and Egypt during WW1. The letters describe how the family at home feels about the war and their part in it. The son in Egypt does the same about the entirely new experience for him away from home and the people he knows and loves.


An excerpt from “A Toynbee to Remember”:


“The Brotherhood teaching laid particular emphasis on personal development and getting the most out of any situation in order to increase one’s awareness of other people. Thus, knowing that Stan would most probably never be in the hell of trench warfare, Will was already leading him into stretching himself with new experiences. This exchange with a non-combatant relatively far from the battlefield, allows us to look at an aspect of the First World War from a little-recorded angle.”


Travers says there is no other book like hers. “Most of the contents will be unknown to anyone under 75 because political history has not been taught in schools as a scientific subject.”


“A Toynbee to Remember”

By Joy Travers

Softcover | 8.25 x 11 in | 296 pages | ISBN 9781481796187

E-Book | ISBN 9781481796194

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

London-born Joy Travers has a long career in secretarial work. She holds a master’s degree from Kent University, Canterbury, and she spent 20 years researching the background to the 500 letters exchanged between members of a London working-class Toynbee family from 1915-1919. Those letters form the main part of her book “A Toynbee to Remember”.



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