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Give A Helping Hand – literature with purpose to help

Johntext will build a global community of authors. They will write about the needs of their fellow man, of problems and possible solutions.

One author from each country will be the voice of his or her homeland.

In a first step we will accept suggestions from authors and publishers.

Socially-minded, dedicated writers are welcome.

What should be the profile and character traits of an author who is supposed to act sensitively and thoughtfully while writing about the needs of his or her fellow man?

This is a difficult task and a major challenge, because the author is the mirror of his or her people in the face of the world.

Find out how wonderful it is as an author to write about the needs of the people – how they deal with love, hate, trust and aggression.

How they approach problems in their relationships. How they should enjoy life and are able to do so – in the face of all obstacles.

If you are an author or publisher, we welcome your application and proposals.

If you operate a business and would like to connect your products with Johntext’s good intentions and objectives, consider the benefits of advertising on our site.

© 2011 Hans-Jürgen John

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