Debt as opportunity by H.-J. John

Our esteemed Chancellor, Mrs. Angela Merkel, has made the right decision. A Europe, in which Member States reach out to one another and stand united when problems arise, will be a stronger Europe.

Which further measures will move away from a national small-state mentality towards a European Alliance that is a global force to be reckoned with, politically and economically?

The website of the European Union offers little insight as far as this is concerned.  It describes the status quo in great detail. What becomes clear is this:  Only the structural work has been completed in the construction of the House of Europe.  The property has been purchased. The walls are up. The future residents are still undecided as to which rooms they want to live in.  Cooperation agreements have been concluded on the environment, a common currency and on fighting crime. But the big question is: how to proceed from here?

Naturally, EU citizens are feeling uncertain. And of course they are starting to listen to those who want do convince them that helping Greece is to their direct detriment.

Ex-Chancellor Helmut Kohl had a vision. He spoke of German Unity and a United Europe. He did not address any problems that might arise.  Problems are solved as and when they occur. Ex-Chancellor Helmut Kohl had a vision. And he let citizens participate in his vision.  Hence my appeal to the current government:  talk to your citizens directly. Let us know what the next measures in the construction of the House of Europe will be.

People love politicians with vision. As a note to the critics of a policy that has been working hard in developing the House of Europe for decades now:  join in this effort constructively.  Stop eyeing-up the prospect of seizing power to the detriment of our citizens. Only a Government that has our trust and backing will be able to master the major challenges we are facing today.

So what’s going to happen with Greece and other countries that are finding themselves in financial difficulties? Their governments are pro-Europe. We must help them.

Would it be possible for the Greek parliament to finally accept the notion of having their respective national budgets legally approved by the European parliament as a matter of course? On one hand, Greek citizens would no longer see their government as the scapegoat that implements austerity measures and is to be replaced at the next elections.  On the other hand, the act of providing bailout monies in exchange for a transfer of power to Brussels would strengthen the European idea.

Hans-Jürgen John of Johntext News wishing you strength and confidence in all the plans that will be implemented for the benefit of the citizens!

© 2011 Hans-Jürgen John