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Zubair Ahmad Khugyani about human rights situation in Afghanistan

Zubair Ahmad Khugyani contributes to the March Newsletter of Global Goodwill Ambassadors:
Good Morning Sir Richard. Hope you are doing well. This is Zubair Ahmad from Afghanistan. We are proud of you and see that you are working for peace and humanity globally.


Zubair Ahmad Khugyani is a humanitarian working for Human Rights and a peaceful Afghanistan - Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA)
Afghanistan concerning Girls Education, Democracy & Human Rights:

Afghanistan is a country that has suffered greatly and that after more than 30 years of war and conflict is characterized by deep poverty.

In recent decades Afghanistan has been hit by a series of wars. Since the fall of the communist regime in 1992, the country has been ruled by brutal warlords and the Taliban and bombed by the US and its allies.

The war is still part of everyday life. The number of civilian casualties has increased considerably in recent years. 2017 saw a 30 percent increase compared with 2015 & 2016.

Afghanistan is described as one of the most corrupt countries in the world and corruption is prevalent at all levels of society.

The human rights situation has improved markedly after the fall of the Taliban and the anarchy of the 1990s, especially when it comes to women’s and girls’ rights.

International Girls and Children days - very year we are taking Orphan girls and children from Orphanage house in Kabul - Photographer - Abid Ahmad - Zubair Ahmad Khugyani - GGA
However, there could be setbacks due to the aggravated conflict, the presence of warlords in political life, and the inability of the rulers to meet basic human rights.

The judicial system is weak with a limited range. Patriarchal customs and structures mean that women and girls are not seen as full citizens.

The widespread violence against women and girls is a fundamental obstacle to development in Afghanistan.

Nearly seven out of ten Afghans are under 25 years of age and the literacy rate is very low, particularly among women. The education system suffers from major shortcomings, particularly in terms of availability of trained teachers, classrooms, and textbooks.


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