AN OPENING FOR A NOVEL (excerpt from my book “Extraordinary Story of a Turnskin”) “…And suck the blood of all thy race.” (George Gordon Byron) “…and people do not, as a rule, believe in Vampires!” (Stanislaus Eric Stenbock. The Sad Story of a Vampire)   In the summer of 1888, a group of good friends … Read more

blank verse

The Winter Tremble blank verse by Stéphane Mallarmé (1842-1898),  my translation   Always slow, among flowers and deities, the clock striking thirteen. Who previously owned this Saxon clock? Picture them bringing it from Saxony by those old slow stagecoaches. (Weird shadows looming over the old windowpanes.) Who did ever look at oneself in the Venetian … Read more

poem in my translation

The Butterfly by Afanasy Fet (1820-1892)   You’re right. An outline of Air I am so sweet. My velvet with its living blinking– only two wings. Don’t ask me whence, what brought me, where I speed. I light the flower down, here, and now I breathe. How long, so aimless, so effortless, I want to … Read more

Natalia Nikiforova I’m enamoured of you (flouncing soul)

Translated from Russian by Victor Sklyarov (Russian original and her other poems are at ) I don’t want you to be neither lover, nor friend, nor the kind. Remain sole like the wind got entangled low in dust. And my words will empoison return route you wont find, Our ships having touched sculls at … Read more


When I was in the middle of my school years my family moved from suburbian 1-flat private house to 2-room state-owned standard flat on the other end of the city of Krasnodar. I remained in the same school since there were only 2 advanced English studies schools in Krasnodar. Each day (save Sunday) I voyaged … Read more