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About The Authors

Photo of Hadaa Sendoo, poet and translator

Sendoo Hadaa, born in 1961, is a poet of international renown and a leading figure of World Poetry Almanac. His poems attracted widespread attention. They have been translated into dozens of languages and appeared in networks and journals worldwide. He is the winner of the Mongolian Writers Union Prize. He has won the Poet of the Millennium Award (India, 2000), the Pinnacle Achievement Award For Poetry (USA, 2011), Nosside World Poetry Prize (Italy, 2014), and the Visionary Poet Award (Canada, 2015).
As a world poet, Sendoo Hadaa is included in the Celebrity Occupation-Poet, the list of the Top Well-Known Poets, the list of World-Class National Poet and World Heritage Encyclopedia.
Sendoo Hadaa is living in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia.

Read more info about Senddo Hadaa on Wikipedia:

or on International Literary Quarterly


Photo of Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma is a mathematics teacher trying to be a writer. Math is the pursuit of his brain and helps in earning his bread and butter while writing fulfills him. He lives in Ghaziabad, a town on the outskirts of Delhi, the capital of India.
Gaurav Sharma is the author of Love @ Air Force and Rapescars

Photo of Author Larisa Biyuts

Lara Biyuts is a Smashwords author of 14 books of fiction, writer of the RevueBlanche.blogspot, collage maker for her book covers and translator.

Her novella A Handful of Blossoms is shortlisted as the Best Gay Historical – 2012.

Her works are accepted for anthologies: Cat’s Cradle Time Yarns (Time Yarns Anthologies), Authors off the Shelf (Lazy Beagle Entertainment), Of Words and Water 2014 (Words and Water group supporting WaterAid), Hope Springs a Turtle, The Black Rose of Winter, and Greek Fire (Lost Tower Publications).

Her old tale and poems are featured on (2013). Her poetry is on the monthly eJournal The Criterion (April, 2014).

Her essays are published at Her tale is published on the STBeMag in 2015. She is a Goodreads librarian.


Photo of Victor Sklyarow

Victor P. Sklyarow is an experienced translator and poet from Novorossiysk, Russia. Since two years he is right-side paralysed.

photo of Mr. BenIhekuna Chimezie Benedict from Lagos, Nigeria is an indie author – better known by his alias name Mr. Ben.

He has published several books as Winds of Change, Life’s Twists, Life In Space, The Blueprint, AMY.W.COM and The Limitation of Man’s Love, The Greatness of God’s Love with EBG247 (, an online self-publishing platform, based in Texas, USA.

Anticipating then release of his second book at Linkville Press, “The World We Live In”, a collection of short stories.

Mr. Ben is currently working on two books – Chloe’s Parallel Worlds and Claire’s Time Travel for Change.

He is a contributor to Believer Life Magazine, a popular digital Christian magazine.

Specially called a G.A.N.G writer, Mr. Ben’s works tends to one thing: Generally Appreciating Notable Genres