Mongol Yurt, a door never locked

An always open door
In a silver night
The sky is crowded with stars.
Green waves are surging and soaring
In the forest of wind

An open door is white like Mongolian yurts,
Is inlaid with blue sky and clouds.
Nomads are never lost,
They don’t like the tears of city people
Translated by Anthony Rudolf with the author

*Hadaa Sendoo is a multi-award winning poet from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
He is founder and leading figure of the World Poetry Almanac.

By Sendoo Hadaa

Sendoo Hadaa, born in 1961, is a poet of international renown and a leading figure of World Poetry Almanac. His poems attracted widespread attention. They have been translated into dozens of languages and appeared in networks and journals worldwide. He is the winner of the Mongolian Writers Union Prize. He has won the Poet of the Millennium Award (India, 2000), the Pinnacle Achievement Award For Poetry (USA, 2011), Nosside World Poetry Prize (Italy, 2014), and the Visionary Poet Award (Canada, 2015). As a world poet, Sendoo Hadaa is included in the Celebrity Occupation-Poet, the list of the Top Well-Known Poets, the list of World-Class National Poet and World Heritage Encyclopedia. Sendoo Hadaa is living in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia.

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