Be considerate by H.-J. John

A person approaches and pats your upper arm. You know them only fleetingly. The touch is unpleasant for you.
Someone falls in love with you. You feel nothing.
Someone pursues you with his attention. You react annoyed and retreat.
Be considerate.
Every person has a sphere of personal privacy. Respect it. It may be a touch. It may be the will of others. It may be the feelings of others. It may be the hopes and wishes of others.
Be considerate.
Where is the line? Everyone has different sensitivities. Try to empathize with others. If in doubt, ask so as to avoid any mistake. Respect the opinions of others and don’t insist on your own.
Be considerate.
Be a good role model and others will treat you in the same way…

© 2011 Hans-Jürgen John