The house by H.-J. John

We were at a pizzeria. I ordered a pizza Hawaii, she ordered a pizza Funghi. I remained silent; she spoke.
All I was able to do was sit silent in admiration.
She moved from one topic to the next as if she were a general inspecting his troops.
After the first half hour I had to suppress a yawn. That’s how little I was able to contribute. Slowly I was starting to feel envious.
Suddenly I was wide awake. I realized that, although she was probably twelve years younger than I, she had an opinion about each topic she addressed.
It was as if she were leading me through a house, with rooms and doors labeled “relationship,” “work,” and “family” on the first floor and others labeled “hopes,” “dreams,” and “goals” on the second floor.
I put the rule to the test and started to criticize her. No, she was not completely set in her ways. She stood by her opinion but accepted mine.
An interesting house. What doors might still be undiscovered in the basement and the attic?

© 2011 Hans-Jürgen John

Be cheerful, friendly and hopeful by H.-J. John

Look out the window. Is it raining?

Nature needs the water.

Is the sun shining? The harvest needs the dryness.

Look inside your heart. There it is the same. Tears let sadness grow.

Sun and kindness transform it into joy and hope.

Cheerfulness, kindness and hope will help you and others through every new day.

© 2011 Hans-Jürgen John

Broadcasting or receiving? by H.-J. John

A wonderful day. And you are right in the middle.
Take a deep breath.
Look in the mirror.
Caress your left forearm.
You feel and see yourself and everything will be fine.
Will you be broadcasting or receiving today? Will you apply yourself and get involved or have an open ear?
Only a few master both. Simultaneously.
© 2011 Hans-Jürgen John