The future poverty of the impoverished – It beggars belief.

An Agonizing Ache of Adversity…


I’ve spent the past week or so closely watching the developments of the Government, Atos and media Vs The People of Great Britain, or should I say, the most vulnerable people of Great Britain, being the unemployed, the disabled and all low income families. I wasn’t afforded such an education at school and so, have been playing “catch up” in the hours when normal people sleep.

It’s true to say that the banks got our country into debt and yet employees still retain their bonuses whilst the aforementioned “vulnerable” people of our society are expected to foot the bill, even at the cost of their health and in some cases, their life.

I’d like to share some links with you, so you can read for yourself exactly what has been going on:



It makes for stark reading huh?

Not only are the poorest in society being forced to pay the debt, they’re also being forced out of their homes, even with children. People are being forced in to slave labour and to top it all off, writers are to be silenced, so the Government’s treatment of us can go unchecked.

Benefit Fraud is at 0.5% and yes, we have quite the percentage of people out of work…yet work is being out-sourced to companies such as Atos.  A Coffee house advertised 7 positions within 1 coffee shop and 1300 people applied for them.  There isn’t sufficient employment available for all of the UK’s currently unemployed people…and still Atos are deeming the sick and disabled as “fit to work”. If it is the intention to recover the deficit, then make the one who got us into this mess also be the one to get us out of it. Or if it’s a case of depopulating the UK, then send home those who shouldn’t be here. Instead of  stripping us of our dignity and treating us as less than wild animals.

So I ask you, in your heart of hearts, do you think it is ok for the people to be treated in this manner? If the answer is “yes”, then I truly pity you.  And if it’s “no”…then why are you on this page reading me when you could be signing the many e-petitions set up so that the average “Joe” can have his voice?

I, for one, refuse to be silenced…because without my voice, me and my family won’t survive and as a mother, it is my duty to ensure we do.