India and its author John P. Matthew by Hans-Jürgen John

My door in these days to India is Mumbai. So I travelled from Germany/Switzerland to India, last week. I saw and I visited Mumbai. The kindness of its inhabitants is sufficient for me to know and to understand that Indians are a friendly people. Friendly to foreigners, friendly to its great past and future of its children, open-minded and with spiritual disposition.

I suppose there are thousands of authors and writers in Mumbai. Fate helped me to find one out of thousands.

About a year ago I tried to find out if `johnart` is already registered as a trademark. I clicked through the pages of Google`s world. Then I found the page of John P. Matthew, author and poet. We wrote to each other. Now, finally, I managed to visit him in Mumbai.


I found an author who is sensitive, who sees Indian problems, its wonderful people and its possibilities and we became friends. We installed the Indian flag on … and now he is ready to write for Johntext about India.

© 2012 Hans-Jürgen John