Location Factors: Recognize what’s good for you by H.-J. John

Take a look around your world.

Look at the animals. They go where they like. If there are too many wolves in a pack, not all of them will be able to eat their fill and thrive.

Look at the plants. They grow best where they have everything they need. The trees in the forest don’t see a lot of grass.

Look at businesses. They’re looking for a place for their branches where they find everything they need for their economic survival – customers, infrastructure, tax benefits, trained workers.

Look at yourself. Are you happy and content? Then begin building your nest and start a family.

Is something disturbing you? Then move on. Recognize what’s good for you.

© 2011 Hans-Jürgen John

Control your moods and you will achieve contentment by H.-J. John

Are you satisfied with yourself?
Are you well in spite of gout, rheumatism, diabetes, and financial problems?
Are you well even though you see people everywhere who are more successful or apparently happier than you?
Do you enjoy the patter of rain against the window even though your outing with the wheelchair has to be cancelled today?
Do you live as a foreigner among people who do not like you but still see the humanity in them and wish them well?
Would you have liked to go to university like others did but were unable to do so because of your grades?
Do you care little about car bombs occasionally detonating in your city? Do you know your enemies because you can see the desperation that wants to be appeased behind their angry eyes?
Are your neighbors always noisy yet you smile content and happily when you meet them on the staircase? Such nice people, they always greet you!
Are you content? If yes, you are serene and always at an advantage and you have found the meaning of life and balance within yourself.

© 2011 Hans-Jürgen John

Wheat or what? by H.-J. John

Look out the window!
Do you see the birds? They neither sow nor reap, yet they are cared for, people say.
We cannot fly.
So while sowing, remember that you will reap wheat or hailstones.
While sowing, remember that you will reap war or peace.
If you have sown hatred you cannot reap peace.
If you have reaped war you cannot sow peace.
Let’s stick to the wheat.

© 2011 Hans-Jürgen John

The coffee bill by H.-J. John

Today, calculating is called for.
After waking up and the morning toilet, breakfast is within reach.
The first coffee, the roll, the cold cuts, the cheese, the jam. Lunch. Afternoon tea, dinner, and before and after some snacks.
Added everything up?
Now we take five percent of this and wire it to Africa.
And tomorrow morning we will enjoy our coffee twice as much. Want to bet?

© 2011 Hans-Jürgen John

Preserve your dreams by H.-J. John

Do you dream of the sea?
Do not dream!
Do you speak of the mountains?
Do not speak!
Go there unless you are afraid of water and snow.
Go there unless you have no other dreams.

© 2011 Hans-Jürgen John