Laura Lamarca / Great Britain / Joins The Johntext Team

A New Year And A New Author!

I am proud, happy and overwhelmed by the pleasure to present the author for Johntext Great Britain: Laura Lamarca

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Laura Lamarca will start with the NEW YEAR 2013 reporting and commenting about what she thinks is interesting, actual, beautiful, problematic or entertaining in her native country.

Laura Lamarca started writing poetry before and after the death of her husband.  This book, titled “From The Heart” was published in 2004 by rosedogbooks and written for her children.

I feel and think that Laura is a person full of energy and goodwill and is able to help others by her poetic work. Thats the real purpose of Johntext – literature with purpose to help. But read what she writes about her future plans:

“I dream one day of going to Africa to help in any way I can to improve the lives of innocent children who are suffering daily and hope to raise my poetic and creative voice to lead others. Any profits made from my writings will eventually go to feed those who can’t feed themselves.”

I have nothing to add. I am so glad and proud having found an author with the ability and possibility to feel the problems and the hunger and the pain in human beings without resigning but trying to find ways out of the darkness of the lasting problems of unlucky and by circumstances discriminated persons.

© 2013 Hans-Jürgen John

Author: Hans John

Hans-Jürgen John is Founder of Johntext. He lives in Kölliken / Switzerland.

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