Anthony Cataldo – good friend


Anthony in Ladakh

You can find and buy some of his photos made in India on:

I first met Anthony in Ulm/ Germany. As far as I can remember it was around christmas time in 2003.

He begged for money in the street. He was reading a book. I thought: Oh who is this guy here sitting on the street…

I learned: Anthony comes every year to Ulm the month before and after christmas. He is living on the street for decades. I did not want to give him money for nothing like men do to beggars. He started correcting articles written by me in my bad English for this website.

We met several times in the past years. I even visited him in Great Britain / Bath once.

So if you come to Ulm / Germany for example visiting the famous christmas market do not forget him and perhaps you give him a little money. His fate can be yours…

Hans-Jürgen John

Author: Hans John

Hans-Jürgen John is Founder of Johntext. He lives in Kölliken / Switzerland.

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