Are you a consumer or a producer? by H.-J. John

Drive to the nearest big city.
Go to the busiest shopping street.
Visit at least three stores with goods that you would like to possess.
Now go back.
At home, sit in your favorite chair. Did you see all those people in the stores? They have wishes and needs, they save money and pay for them.
But where do all these goods come from?
Who has the creative ideas for all these things and continuously refines them?
Where do you see yourself? Would you like to primarily shop or produce? Would you prefer to earn money or spend money?
What do you want? Begin to organize your life according to your goals and desires.

© 2011 Hans-Jürgen John

Author: Hans John

Hans-Jürgen John is Founder of Johntext. He lives in Kölliken / Switzerland.

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