Interview with Desire McNeish

What is P.A.G.A.K.C?

A:  P.A.G.A.K.C stands for People Against Gun And Knife Crime.  It is a foundation dedicated to spreading awareness, inspiring the youth, putting on events, going to schools and doing work shops, helping the community, working with other organisations etc. with an aim to stop this violent behaviour we see on our streets.


What is your role there?

A:  I’m the founder of the foundation and unfunded, I do most of the lessons/workshops and fund the foundation and activities myself.


What is your goal/aim with your charity in the long term?

A:  The aim is to stop gun and knife crime, teach kids alternative ways to channel their aggression and to avoid situations and people hell bent on destructive behaviour.

Also, to unite foundations and work with other community leaders, in order to best support youth and the community.


What events have you organised so far and what have these achieved?

A:  I would love to see the government help us after they awarded us with a Peace Prize Certification in 2011.  The gesture would be the next step in continued support for what we do.


To ensure the future success of P.A.G.A.K.C, which organisations would need to be involved and what role would they need to play?

A:  The same answer as above.


What events do you have planned for the imminent future of P.A.G.A.K.C that might encourage others to get involved?

A:  We are in talks with a company to do a documentary for TV on the issue and hope to put on a big event near the end of this year, God willing.


I believe that music and media play a huge part in influencing our youth regards to gun and knife crime.  What are your views on this matter?

A:  I also believe this and while some would disagree I can’t see how they are so blind.


You are an up and coming music influence in the UK, what things have you put in place to ensure the youth of the UK take only positive messages from your music?

A:  I’m an underground artist waiting, working, pushing towards becoming an over-ground artist. I don’t swear, I don’t use racism, sexism or any isms in my music.  I believe music should unite people, make people feel emotion and/or tell a story.

I will not say that I will not have sexy women in my videos or that I may make music videos with action in. But I draw a line between fiction and reality and I hope that would be evident in my work.


Tell us about your imminent single release.

A:  my record label is very happy with my latest work, and at the moment they are deciding between four tracks as my single:

  1.  I don’t claim to be the hardest
  2.  she could see me
  3.  I was wrong
  4.  it ain’t about love


Are there any other organisations you’re involved in that also raise awareness for this cause?

A:  At the moment I help Boxing Evolution, Mamma, Mothers Against Guns, Williams Foundation , Princess Trust,  many youth centres, Bernardo’s Trust Etc.


In your opinion, what needs to happen to prevent deaths of this nature from happening in the future?

A:  I believe stronger deterrents like boot camp, some form of physical way of releasing aggression, martial arts, boxing etc.

Better education on how to deal with their anger effectively and positively. Community work making kids proud of where they live, cleaning graffiti etc.

And finally, more youth clubs with activities for youths and teens.


In 2012, 0.5% of all crime in the UK was gun and knife related.  How do you think this figure compares to the rest of the world?

A:  I would say its low but still not low enough…no child or adult should die at the hands of another. We do not have the right to be judge and executioner (sadly, on the world stage, we condone our armies doing just that).


I’d like to say a big thank you to Desire for his time today and wish him all the luck and happiness in his future.

For those wishing to know more about P.A.G.A.K.C just Google it, there are many links there that will take you to view the many things Desire has achieved so far.


Author: Laura Lamarca

Johntext Author Laura Lamarca is the Author of several books and Country Manager Johntext United Kinddom.

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