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Oh, how motivated I was! And I still am.

However, my perspective on writing at Johntext is now more realistic. The more we deal with problems and search for possible solutions, the more varied and multifaceted the matter becomes.

It is as if we were faced with a mountain to climb, then climb it, and once at the summit we can see the skyline of the Himalayas. Impossible for a person all by oneself. Only manageable in a team.

Hence, as a logical conclusion Johntext is now being established on the pillars of worldwide teams.

For many years I have been wondering what the blue entrance page at is for, apart from containing country flags. Now I know.

It is going to have a map of the world.  Ideally, Johntext will gradually be selecting one writer/author as an example for his country.

These authors will have shown through social commitment that they know what it is all about: the specific problems of people in their home countries and possible solutions.

And if the reader moves the mouse across the world map of, a photo will open up for every country in which people who write for a good cause have been found. The photo of a dedicated writer as a link and a gate to a remote, strange and interesting world.

In Germany, people have different immediate concerns and needs than people in South Africa, or at least they might weigh them differently.

In the United States of America, I suppose, the priorities of adolescents are different from those of their counterparts in Switzerland.

This world poses different challenges for people and their lives in almost every country. It is therefore insufficient to address the problems of this world in isolation starting exclusively from a central European viewpoint.

Together, however, people create great things for themselves and for others.

Special thanks go to my literary agent, Axel Poldner. 

Many thanks to the johntext team:

Diana Wössner (psychologist)

Achim  Wendt und Martin Becker (co-authors)

Kathrin Drescher (webmaster)

I wish all interested readers an enjoyable day full of challenges and motivating experiences!

Sincerely, Hans-Jürgen John

© 2011 Hans-Jürgen John

Author: Hans John

Hans-Jürgen John is Founder of Johntext. He lives in Kölliken / Switzerland.

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