The Story of George Rolph (Part ii)

George Rolph is now on his 14th day of hunger strike in protest against the UK Government’s ongoing cruelty to the vulnerable people in UK society through medical assessments undertaken by French IT firm ATOS on behalf of the DWP.

Today, Facebook decided that George’s page held no positive worth to them, that truth has no place and that the people of the UK should suffer in silence…they removed George’s page and in turn, obliterated his support network.  This has only served to anger his supporters further, both nationally and internationally, as his fight gains further momentum.

George had his benefits reinstated several days ago and the DWP also made an arrangement to visit him at his home to see if he would qualify for an extra benefit. It seems they thought that this tactic would silence him and they would prevent any further bad publicity…but as George has stated many times, his hunger strike will continue until the government review their policies so others will not have to suffer what he has endured. He is doing this for us, for those who have already died, through suicide and stress-related illnesses as a direct result of how ATOS has treated them.

The BBC have been contacted by many people urging them to run this story in their National News (including myself) and so far, we as people have been conveniently ignored.

So it is with urgent need that I request you read all of the links below and do what you can to support George and of course, the people of the UK, while there is still time for George to experience the triumphs…for that is one thing NOT on George’s side – time.

Author: Laura Lamarca

Johntext Author Laura Lamarca is the Author of several books and Country Manager Johntext United Kinddom.

5 thoughts on “The Story of George Rolph (Part ii)”

  1. this silencing of Georges FB blog is cutting him off from the very people he cares about and them him its not right George is a Christian and cares about others so why is FB taking this line with him ? he his not promoting others to follow him on hunger strike ? He has not told any lies stop persecuting him .
    Will you take away from him the comfort of his friends at his time of need ?
    Is there anyone out there who can publish in a daily news paper this story ? or T V station willing to give George his voice ? How are the church stance on this ? I know this is a long shot but the new pope is big on human interest and suffering cam we all try with the letters again? I know George is not catholic but would the pope hold that against him lets get the church involved ask for people to pray George and support him this will be a comfort for him .
    I don’t want this fight for the vulnerable to lose steam because FB shut Georges page down he has asked us all to stand has one DON’ T LET HIM DOWN NOW !

    1. I think it only appropriate for all of George’s supporters to message Facebook and complain about their decision to remove his page for all of the reasons you have stated. Facebook is a place where people meet, make friends, share life stories etc. It’s not just about playing games…and you’re right – George has always urged others not to do as he is doing, but to stand beside him and support him, like friends do.
      I’d also urge you to email columnists at daily tabloids and make them aware of this situation, just like myself and others have done…one of them will eventually bow under the pressure if we inundate them with emails on a daily basis…same with TV companies.
      Due to Facebook de-activating George’s account, they have ensured that this fight doesn’t lose momentum…people, both here in the UK and abroad, are outraged by the blatant attempt to silence George and those who support him.
      Time is quickly running out and if we don’t stand up and be counted now, I fear George will lose the battle before ever having the opportunity to see results…and that is how we fight – by contacting ATOS, the DWP, Politicians, our local MPs, tabloids and all media sources and inundating them with questions regards to medical assessments and updating them of George’s situation. We MUST be his voice now and get this string of injustices out there into the world.

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