Write and learn from it… by H.-J. John

Late summer days showing the first signs of fall are a perfect time to go hiking.
Go to the top of a hill or a mountain. Or even a church tower or other tall building. The point is: view what’s around you.
From your view up high, take a look at where you just came from. It’s hard to see the details from a distance. Yet you can see how things connect with each other.

Your life is composed of scenes. Like on TV – except there’s no camera team creating DVDs to help you remember the scenes later. You alone are responsible for storing and assessing memories of your past. So take advantage of the means available to you, even as you go along your way. Keep a journal!

Record and describe everything that you consider worth mentioning. Over the years, you’ll learn to distinguish between what’s important and what’s not. Because your time for writing is much shorter that the time you spend experiencing the many events and conversations that take place each day.

You will learn from your own experiences, and you will continue perfecting yourself.

When did I reach a goal, and why? When did I fail, and why? Did everything turn out the way I want it? Did I always behave properly toward other people? What experiences have I had, and what do I still want to experience?

© 2011 Hans-Jürgen John

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